No Adult 'Left' Behind

This blog will be short and sweet just like the author (*wink*). I'll introduce it with a short convo with myself and the devil Tiha:

11/17/08 11:00 am

Alise: In school they forced me to write with my right hand
Alise: and that explains ALOT
Alise: i do EVERYTHING else with my left hand
Alise: so my blog tomorrow will center around that

T 2U: how the MAN has tried to mold us into being right handed hoes?
Alise: there are so many diections i can go with that..... maybe i'll go left, lol
Alise: AND my first grade teacher was a MAN
Alise: coincidence? no sucha thing

T 2U: ha!
I was telling the moody Gremlin Tiha about a conversation I had with my mother yesterday about my younger school years. She informed of something I never knew, that I was left handed. She said that when I was in kindergarten and first grade that "those people" forced me to write with my right hand. So basically I have been getting "cubed" my whole life. A lot of things started making sense: so much of what comes natural to me has been attacked and labeled as "not normal" or even freakish ( as in a sideshow). The labeling starts early on in life and continues on through adulthood. I let people take things that are a part of me and convince me that I was the strange one. My goal is to let the buck stop here and just do me. The moral of the story is: Don't let a right handed world determine your future or you will surely get left. Word.Is.Bond.

Left handed people rock, here are some famous lefties:
Barack Obama
Leonardo da Vinci
Robert DeNiro
Joan of Arc
Naturally Alise

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Assertive Wit said...

I was supposed to be a lefty grandmother was a lefty and I believe my uncle is too. My sister can use both of her hands to do anything you would normally use one to do well; I think it's pretty cool. mom ALWAYS took everything out of my left hand and put it in my right and as soon as I'd change it, she'd be right back putting it in my right hand. One day she saw me using left-handed scissors and told me "use the other scissors"; when I protested she said, "you don't understand now but the world will be a much easier place for you if you just use your right hand".

I've never really done anything she wanted me to do...but use my right hand LOL her forcing me to use my right hand used to piss my grandmother off to no end but I guess mom's knew life was no walk in the park and just wanted one more day to be "easier"'s...gotta love 'em!

NaturallyAlise said...

Assertive Wit, Yes, gotta love dem mamas!

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Boxes (and cubes) are wack. I think conformity disrespects the omnipotence of God. Who are we to try and confine and destroy all the diversity He saw fit to put in the world?? Celebrate, respect and support difference!

Monica said...

I can relate. I'm naturally a right-handed person, but I have left-handed tendencies (hee hee)

I'm sick of letting others tell me what I'm supposed to be. We (you, I, the moody gremlin and a whole host of others) may be weird, but dammit we are ourselves. And that should be enough.

Fly your freak flag high ;-)

NaturallyAlise said...

pbg & monica: Yes boxes suck, and instead of flying a freak flag can I just sprinkle pink freak glitter?

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

Wowww I think I would LOVE to have a left-handed child b/ they promiseto be hella interesting. All the left-handed people I know are ridiculously charismatic and their creativity is off the charts.

Wear ur left-handedness like a badge of awesome! Hell, get it on a tshirt

suga said...

Aww po baby!

I'm a ride or die RIGHTY so I'd like to commend your teachers for trying to show the way, the truth, and the light lol

Just kidding. I wonder if you can teach yourself to write with your left.

NaturallyAlise said...

@ luvvie, I looooooove tshirts, can i get one that says "Left Hand Hosh*t", PBG would like that...

@suga, you so gangsta, know how you oakland folks are, wit y'all right handed selves, lol