Ode to Tiha & Other Nonsense

This is a tribute to Tiha and her new Cube with a view.... this for you kiddo!

She's moving lateral,
It's a reorg
To a deluxe cubicle in the sky
She's moving lateral
It's a reorg
She finally gets a crumb of the pie!

Go team!

Okay, now that's out of the way, let me tell you what had happened at my job and our "reorg". It really isn't a reorg for one thing, I'm just dramatic. One of the people that indirectly work for me quit last week because she found a better job, that is awesome, I like to see people move on up and get a piece of the pie and what not. Her job duties are vital to various functions of my account, and deadlines are very tight. The powers that be at Bullshit Headquarters my job decide not to replace her. What in the ham and cheese sandwich is that about? So now we have to divide her 8 hours a day of work amongst 3 people who already have full 8 hour days during our busiest time of year, and none of us are getting raises. womp. boooooooooo. hisssssssssss. That is not hot in the street, boiling on the block, or scalding in the cul-de-sac. Needless to say I have been actively searching for new jobs in all the places I would like to go..... Wish me happy hunting!

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eysqueen said...

rotfl @ the jeffersons
soul clap 4 breaking out of the wackness

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

This posting made me smile, despite you gettin' a shyt load of work piled on your lil' nappy head. Who can't smile while watching the opening credits to "The Jeffersons"???

Monica said...

Happy Job Hunting!

I know money is tight and all, but, giving you 4 more hours of work and no raise isn't going to make you more productive and it sho ain't going to move those deadlines.

Bosses are stupid.

When I take over the world, I'm firing all of them.

suga said...

See you done effed up and mentioned ham & cheese and now I done lost my train of thought cuz I'm hungry!!

Seems like the higher ups are taking a page from the "The Retard Handbook" by giving you extra work and not extra hours or money. *smh* Sorry girly!