Take Me Back

*Take me back pleeeeeeeeeeease, I promise I'll stop fooling with these crazy nuts in the cube...*

Just like foolish exes, extra pounds, and old school mixes, my passions always take me back. This meaning: no matter how much I neglect doing the things I really love, I can always jump back in and get it proverbially "on & poppin'". It seems when I get back into the art scene or to writing everything just falls into place. It always feels right, so why do I run away? The answer is that fear we talked about on Monday and I already told you I am putting fear in a headlock ASAP. Sorry if I am beating the topic of fear to death, but the longer I say it the realer it becomes to me, kind of my Cubicle Crusader affirmations, can't hurt..... (Hmmmm, maybe I can write some cube affirmations... note to self...)
Enjoy the conversation and poem below:

Alise: i wanna write a blog, but i don't know what to write about
Alise: aha, by george i think i have something
Alise: ....****scurries off to the lab****
T 2U: what flavor is the bread crumb my little squirrel friend?
Alise: i found a poem i wrote
Alise: i'll send it to you, maybe you can add to it green squirrel

I love you poetry, but I have a confession:
I have neglected you, and you deserve more
I got caught up.
You know me and Corporate America started off as friends,
But we started spending more and more time together
And one thing led to another, ya know how that goes.
And poetry you were so kind to me,
Even your family spoken word and freestyle brought me into the circle.
Treated me like I was fam.
And what did I do to repay you?
I ducked your calls and visits
Ignored your pleas for me to come back
But now I've learned a valuable lesson.... balance......
I am sorry.... will you take me back?
T 2U: so what is the blog idea?
Alise: like i am the prodigal son to my passions..... you kinda slow today...

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ODARA said...

Aww How Cute!

NaturallyAlise said...

@ODARA, I ain't cute, I'm a thug, LOL! Thanks for stopping by Miss Lady!