When I Grow Up......

*Alise looooooooooooves the kids*, this is today's Friday throwback....

Okay, I have talked on this blog about:

* How much I hate my job
* Things to make my hated job a little more bearable
* Where I want to go (or Tiha saying where she wants to leave)
* Inspiration and positive vibes
* Nonsense/Rambling

Yet, I have never talked about what I want to do specifically or why I would want to do it? Or better yet, what qualifies me to do so. Well today is you unlucky day. What does Alise want to be "when she grows up"? Funny you should ask...... I want to be an English teacher that writes books, plays, & poems in her leisure. (and a Vegas showgirl, but I am too short, I digress) That is a far cry from what I did become when I grew up. I know there is a lot of bullcrap that comes with being a teacher, but that isn't what this blog is about, so please do not rain on my parade with the obvious, I AM smart and insightful a little bit. I want to talk about why I want to be a teacher and also why I think I would be an awesome teacher.

- I am resourceful and can make a dollar out of $.15 so I know I could be creative with the sad lack of resources educators are given these days.

- I understand the value of the little things that can put a sparkle in a child's eye and affect their lives, for example peep this:

T 2U: why u so moody
T 2U: is it the people?

Alise: naw.
T 2U: the broken computer?
Alise: naw, but the computer aint make it no betta tho
T 2U: gotcha
T 2U: so what else you gonna write about?

Alise: i dunno
Alise: good question
T 2U: something distracting
T 2U: how about what you would do if you were president?
T 2U: new cars for all?
T 2U: vacations in aruba?

Alise: bring back the arts in schools
Alise: bring back the education in schools
Alise: i couldn't do much for education as president though ,bc isn't that a state thang?
T 2U: i think its a school thing
T 2U: and resources thing
Alise: i think that is why i awant to teach
Alise: there are some teachers i had along the way that really cared and were innovative
Alise: things that a teacher said to me in the 3rd grade i remember verbatim
Alise: I had a 3rd grade assistant teacher that said things to me to make me feel comfortable about wearing my glasses, and now I can relate them into feeling good about being different in my adult life
Alise: she made it a point everyday to tell me how cool different can be and she even said "The kids that pick on you now will be the ones when you grow up that are jealous and wish they were you" and she said it in such a way that I REALLY believed it
Alise: side note: Do you know I run into that lady every now and then in the grocery store and she remember my whole gubment name and remembers the whole glasses thing
Alise: Maybe I should post about why I should be a teacher
T 2U: you had big ole glasses?!
T 2U: ha ha
T 2U: ha ha

* I hate Tiha by the way*

- Contrary to popular belief I love kids, ("Martin looooove da kids"....see video at the beginning of the post) I just am not keen on babies and toddlers.

- I want to share my passion for books, culture, and writing with the kiddies, the way my 10th grade English teacher was able to get a bunch of my nonchalant, school hating classmates to do. That man was a genius and really sparked a fire in us.

- Middle school and high school aged kids are drawn to me, like PBG is the baby whisperer, I am the pre-teen whisperer. I remember I used to volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club in the summers (and tutored in the Fall) and those kids loved them some "Miss Alise". Those kids were probably the worst behaved children on the planet and were victims of extreme poverty, but somehow my group NEVER had any incidents like the other groups had, even the "real" counselors were amazed at how I was able to reach out to them and earn their respect. Imagine my fulfillment!

So, my loyal, lovely, lurking readers: If you are not in the occupation you want to be "when you grow up", what do you want to do and why? If you are, what is that occupation? Share, it's good for the soul and all the cool kids do it.

Have a great Friday! Peace, goodwill towards women.....

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eysqueen said...

why are kids drawn to us? we are some of the most anti pregnancy, pro choice, baby kicking, cusss mouth miscreants on this side of the planet, and yet we have classroom management skills that make veteran teachers envious for. hmmmm.....

Venus~fli said...

DOP'EN-DO! :o) But seriously, you, an English Teacher? I could see it! You've always seemed to like kids... I don't have the patience! It's never too late! Go for it!!!

suga said...

Girl, i want to do the EXACT same thing that you want to do. The only difference: suga hates the kids. lmao I love babies but kids and teens...no sir! I'm looking to teach at the university level, but that I may have to go on ahead and get that Ph.d...yikes!!

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

As much as I love my babies, I am not doing what I want to do either. I love children, but I know that they cannot be educated outside of the context of a loving, stable, well-adjusted family. I also know that it is much more effective and rewarding to pour all you can into a child in the first 5 years of life than it is to try and scramble and "fix" them once they are older. So I am working toward becoming a Parent Educator and Family Advocate for at-risk families (teen moms, those living in poverty, single parents). I need to touch the lives of children at the VERY beginning by empowering parents and impressing upon them their significance as their child's first teacher. Will I get rich? No indeed, because that type of work is not valued at all. Tossing children in foster care and abandoning parents instead of empowering families is how our society wants to deal with what ails our babies in our communities. No, I will not make a fortune or even a big name for myself. But I am absolutely convinced that my rewards await in heaven.

The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'

Matthew 25:40

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

I think as I grow up, what my ideal job looks like will change with me. However, I do know that what I am doing right now IS my current ideal job. I love it. I'm Marketing Coordinator for a nonprofit that trains other nonprofits on media relations, public relations, web and the sorts. I pinch myself and thank God everyday for it, and I am still in slight shock that I got this position.