MIA: Originality

*homemade originality

While watching commercials the other night, I saw an advertisement for an upcoming sci fi/horror movie with Keanu Reeves, The Day the Earth Stood Still. I almost screamed. Actually I think I did scream, then I grabbed a pen and paper and jotted some notes for this blog. Why am I so agitated by this soon to be released movie? what’s the big dang deal? I’ll tell you what my dang problem is, I am so sick and tired of nothing new being produced by movie makers. Of course this movie is a remake, and if you’re a sci-fi buff like me, you’ve probably already seen it, in its black and white form, you may have already read the book. And it aggravates me because not only are these movies remade(The Day the Earth Stood Still, War of the Worlds, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, I Robot), but they are made worse than their original form, nothing is enhanced, nothing is gained, nothing is made richer by remaking these classics. People new to the genre or are just now getting into sci-fi walk away from these big budget disasters with a warped view of what real sci fi is. This new stuff right here, isn’t true to the game. It isn’t sci-fi, its commercialized crap.

Reminds me of what has been done to hip hop, you knew this was coming. People aren’t even sampling anymore, like Wu-tang and Puffy (the producer), they are just flat out taking whole songs like Puffy (the rapper) and Kanye, yeah I said it Kanye West. Where is the originality? I don’t want to hear anything else made by a beat maker calling themselves a producer, I want to hear musical composition combined with strong lyrics and interesting delivery. I want to see original plots and thought provoking stories with my sci-fi movie. I think the last good sci-fi/horror movie I saw was 28 Days Later (and the sequel). Although this movie sampled Night of the Living Dead, it still can hold its own. Yes it has zombies, but my goodness, these aint your typical stiff legged brain eating zombies, and the zombies weren’t all you had to worry about. I simply love this movie, but I’ll stop gushing.

Where is the originality ya’ll? Did we lose it in a secret war? Is it being held for a ransom we cant afford because all of our money is going to bail out Wall Street and the Big Three? I think our priorities are messed up. I don’t need a Ford, and I don’t trust the stocks, I want to spend my money at the movie theaters and on good music. Can we invest in that?

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NaturallyAlise said...

And you know the saying "There's nothing new under the sun" may be true, but there is always a way to at least flip something old and find some sort of new twist to it.... folks nowadays are just lazy, and that really grinds my gears... I miss the 90's, everything was throwback, but throwback with a lil flare infused with some new ish...

suga said...

I dont know much about sci-fi (mainly because it freaks me out and im a self proclaimed scaredy cat), but I do know a lil something about hip/hop and R&B. I really feel like the lack of creativity and originality has alot to do with the eradication of music departments in the inner city...hell in most schools. Folks used to really have music departments in k-12. Now, you're lucky to have a school choir. I think with folks being taught how to use and work with different instruments back in the day, it was easier to come up with original beats, melodies, chords, lyrics, all that encompasses making a song.
Now, all you may have are kids who get a machine or learning a computer program and focus on making sounds that way. Aint nothing wrong with that...unless thats the ONLY way music is being made.