Cube Affirmations

2Pac said ,"Keep Ya Head Up", Barack says, "Yes We Can", my mama says, "Girl, get out my face and go do something" (not kidding), and my late great granny said "You can do anything you want to , baby" (the country drawl made it so cute), and Simon says , "Take 2 steps forward", so what do we say to keep us going and inspired?

Jadakiss feat. Eve & Style P,"We Gon' Make It"

[ramble] *at Tiha's request 3 of them must be "Yes We Can", she is special, but special people need love too. And you can probably tell which ones are my affirmations because I am silly and don't know how to really be any other way, nor do I want to.... [/ramble]

Cube Affirmations
1. Achievement is not an option.
2.Yes we can!
3. The cube is temporary, soon my office will be a fabuous sphere..... the world.
4. Murder is illegal, so I must get out of Corporate America, because a jail cell is the worst kind of cube.
5.Yes we can !
6. The results of every decision acts as a compass to guide our next decisions, so learn (from your achievements and mistakes), build(a new plan), and do(it).
7. Look back long enough to change lanes as you move forward.
8.Si se puede !
9. There is not shame in humble beginnings, just closed minds (be open to expand, but true to self to stay real).
10. My president is black, there is nothing I can't do!

What are some of your affirmations, work or otherwise?

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Gigi said...

My affirmations.

1. This is only a stepping stone, not a final destination.

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

YES YES YES to all of this. This week has probably been the most jovial of my life because of the pure joy that has come from it not only in me, but in others.

NaturallyAlise said...

@ gigi very good one, i need to keep that in mind myself definitely...

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

My favorite affirmation is "You are your own best advocate." That's one I came up with myself while in some pretty dire circumstances, Summer '98. It serves me well in it reminds me that I need to always be working to speak up for myself and create and take advantage of opportunities.

NaturallyAlise said...

@ PBG, that is a good one, when I learned to speak up for myself and be an authentic "me", things started to change in my life for the better, because no one else is going to stick for ya at the end of the day.

eysqueen said...

@pbg i have to keep that in mind for when people start to hate on me because i advocate for me rather loudly, lol. i have to be that loud to shut out all the other voices in my head...

Eb the Celeb said...

Booooooonnn yyyooooowwww

That's when somebody's getting on my nerves and I want them out of my face or when my friends say something I dont agree with because that alleviates me having to debate it because they all know what it

NaturallyAlise said...

@ eb... tee-hee, I like that!