To quote the great poet Shawn Carter:
Look, I'm on my grind cousin, ain't got time for frontin'
Sensitive thugs, y'all all need hugs

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I also work part time at a drug store. Well, yesterday I had to go a store meeting, (grrrrrrr, meetings), and I swear it was the most entertaining meeting I have ever been to. Let me introduce you to the two characters who provided me eternal joy:

Shift Supervisor (SS) - 40-ish black lady of short stature, sharp tongued, no nonsense, the epitome of a "I don't care what the fu*k you think" person, but weirdly she is silly and funny as hell to me.

Regla Ol' Cashier Gal (ROCG) - White trash gal, looks about 30, but is 23. She is getting trained to be the photo supervisor, which was the shift supervisor's old position .

SS and ROCG bump heads on the daily, and it is hil-funny-larious as hell. ROCG is tragic and has been garnering sympathy from the head manager and other coworkers by saying she is being mistreated by SS (but in every other situation plays like she is super thug). In fact everyone in the store had tried to get that sympathy saying how overbearing and her attitude.... everyone EXCEPT myself and one other coworker. Do you know why? Instead of being a punk and allowing people with strong personalities (read: bitches) to continually talk to me badly or try to intimidate me, I tell them what they are doing and how I feel about it. I don't go crying to the manager. I also know that no retail job will ever be sunshine, rainbows, glitter, & sh*t, so I don't go in with high expectations anyway. I only bumped heads with SS one time, count 'em: 1 time, and in that same day I calmly went to her and told her I didn't like it and I was grown too and we have been cool as fan ever since. Why can't people do that before running to a manager or acting all punkish and crying? This made me think of a poem by a poet I love more that anything in this world: me.... lol... here goes:

Be careful of what you don't ask for…
You might not get it..
Closed mouths don't get fed
(Commonly true with minds as well)
Though I am very literate and quite the bookworm,
I still cannot read your mind.
So say what you mean…
Mean what you say…
Backbones are pretty cheap these days,
…….even with inflation and all.

How do you deal with these types of characters?

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Monicarol.Evans said...

Don't you know that it is the super thugs who are the FIRST to get their feelings hurt.

People that act hard like that are usually all bark and no bite. (and if they do bite, you betta run 'cause they got their gun cocked to the side, LOL!)

You, of course approached the SS in the right way; like a grown person and you didn't show fear. People like your SS respect that kind of behavior.

suga said...

Great blog. Your poetry is always on point!

I wish a manager would talk crazy to me at my part time job. I guess they know I could walk away at any second, so they're pretty cool with, I'm smarter than them...duh. lol