Mood Music....

T 2U: *singing "i bust the windows out your caaaarrrrrrrrr"
Alise: ohh gosh
Alise: pure fool
T 2U: that's how i start my morning
T 2U: with a good song about vengeance
Alise: lol
Alise: well i used to ride in to work everyday bumping 2Pac's "F*ck the World"
Alise: "I woke up screaming f*ck the world"

I love music, in fact people who don't scare me, and I swear my life has a soundtrack. You have songs that put you in the mood for love, songs you play when you are happy, tunes you spin when you are sad, and then you have music that mentally prepares you for your day at work. What songs are your make it through work essentials? I'll list mine too in the comments, join in the fun!

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She Gave Me the Keys said...

When I'm at work, I'll only listen to soulful soul music if it's new, new. Other than that...primarily Hip-Hop music (Need to stay focused). When I go running after work, it has to be high energy stuff like Bombs over Bagdad or Rakim's Know the Ledge. Working out I listen to aggressive rap music. Stuff to get me hype. Like M.O.P. But for life in general, there's a song for everything you go through. Lost love, new love with that new love smell, straight sexin, everything. That's why I'm right there with you.


NaturallyAlise said...

My at work music is usually Little Brother or Erykah Badu all day long, but the second year I worked here and was stressed out everyday I swear fo goodness everyday I closed my office door and played "Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nothing to F*ck With"

Eb the Celeb said...

my list is endless I could go all day...

for a while it was Kanye Good Morning... I used to ride in to that one blasting on the ipod every day

NaturallyAlise said...

Hey Miss Eb! Girl yes, I was on that Kanye hard, that was a fitting on the way to work song fo sho! Also "We Major" used to get me to feeling like I was the sh*t (which is kinda