What’s on my desk right now?

Currently on my desk at work is a closed binder of the last project I worked on. Yes, its closed because the master project manager has finished her project, on time, and is, in her mind done! I have copy of O magazine, the newest edition, that a coworker left on my chair yesterday because she knows I love to read and she’s trying to lure me back into the break room to eat lunch with them (see previous post about lunch time). I have a tablet pad of paper with random words scribbled on it, I take it in to meetings to pretend like a I give a sh*t. Looks really affective, like I’m being attentive, but really its just little lists of blog ideas and groceries and music I’d like to download. I have a desk sized calendar with December, the last month of the year glaring back at me. Budget cuts dictate that we wont be getting anymore of these calendars. And for some reason, people have been bringing this to my attention all month. “we wont be getting anymore of these.” I’m contemplating throwing it away TODAY!!!!!! I have a 32 oz red bottle not filled with water that is half empty for once. The idea was to fill it with water and drink it all everyday. The reality is that it sits there all day, not really getting empty, until I put a little flavor in it. Today’s flavor is raspberry iced tea, with splenda for us sugar intolerant folk. Other than a weirdly skewed mouse on an equally skewed mouse pad (working on using the mouse with my left hand because my clicking finger is starting to hurt and I need my hand to paint, I’m not letting this office life cripple me), and a keyboard in my lap tray, that’s it. I don’t live here, I don’t like it here, and I want my desk, my cube, to reflect the temporary nature of my time here. No, I’m not getting comfortable.

end of my Thursday ramble. I start my much needed vacation tomorrow and I’m about tapped out of blog ideas. my partner is going to seriously roast my tail for flaking out during my vacation, but she already know how I feel about the net. She knows, and now you know, I hate being online. So my vacation WILL NOT be spent online. Seasons Greetings ya’ll!

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NaturallyAlise said...

Just an FYI y'all, Tiha must have been scared of my roasting wrath (Just ask PBG & Luvvie, I'm a roast master only 2nd to them)and she left me some blogs to post for next week... BWAHAAAHAAA!

quarter-life-crisis said...

This sounds like my life. LOL