Some Kinda Way?

I think my blog partner and I inadvertently made a theme for the week, Emotions. *cue the Carl Thomas* All this month/year/life I have "felt some kinda way". I actually posted this series of face book statuses this week:

I started to wonder: "What the hell does that even mean?" I say it so often that I think I have sucked all the life out of my little phrase. My definition for it is when I feel an emotion I have no name for. Kind of like when you aren't sad, but not particularly happy either. I can't call it indifferent, because I feel SOMEthing. My "feeling some kinda way" is similar to Tiha's blues, it is when I am the most creative and productive. I do not produce well on Cloud 9, I think it has something to do with the altitude, *shrugging*. Seriously though, if you were to check out my other blog you will notice when I am feeling confused or "le sigh" is when the best (in my opinion, which ain't a bad opinion at all) ,most intimate, and most relatable to my fans (all 4 of them). So I retract my response on facebook , I now say, "Feeling some kinda way BETTER be turned into something good or it is just a waste"

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shatani said...

lmao! my "some kinda way" is really never good...just recently i was feeling some kinda way about a guy i used to date (and i use that term loosely) who is now in a relationship with a girl im acquainted with. i was feeling some kinda way about that! i suppose i still am, but when i use my words like a big girl i realize that some kinda way consists of envious, happy, sad, inadequate, relieved, wistful with a touch of indifference.

see, now thats a lotta crap to feel at once! that is some kinda way to be feeling!

NaturallyAlise said...

ha ha! I say "use my big girl words": all the time... and by the way boys suck, lol....

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

I'm been under the weather with a case of the "Some Kinda Ways" for a few weeks now and I.CAN'T.ESCAPE!
The SKW's fucked up my Thanksgiving, but I recovered for a bit, only for it to return while I was illin' in the beginning of December.

Usually my affliction lasts a few days, but this current case may require some attention as I've lost ALL my creativity along with my ability to give a fuck about NOT giving a fuck.

Like you said, usually the SKWs are chronicled with some of the best shit a writin'-azz biatch can produce.
But, this case right here, ninja...THIS.CASE.RIGHT.HERE has produced nothing but a steady stream of "bleh."

And you know what's WORSE, FleurDeLise:
Not even my girl, Mary J. High, can cure it!

This can't be life! It's gotta be "fuck."

NaturallyAlise said...

@ savvyfatty

reading anything you pen turns my SKW upside down and shit.... what is an SKW upside down? Elephino... *shrugging*