You Send Me Swingin'....

Okay, I know I said I was going to answer Tiha's blog from last week, but I can't, because I am moody and in a weird place, so it is hard for me to focus right now. So, with that being said, my blog partner and I were chatting on IM today, as usual, and went off an an interesting tangent. She was lamenting about her current mind state. Here is a snippet of the conversation:

alisenikkole: how goes it?
T 2U: you know sometimes, i get tired of being a moody artist ruled by her emotions
T 2U: sometimes i want to be like a drone and be able to just shut it off, the emotional stuff
T 2U: sometimes i want to be a lemming and be able to go along with no problems
T 2U: that is how it is going for me
alisenikkole: dang..... i get to feeling like that sometimes myself, particularly this past weekend... I guess that's the whole ignorance is bliss idea of thinking with the whole rather be a lemming hing
alisenikkole: and u think that's what u want, but you don't, there's a whole other set of feelings attached when you go thru life like that, so basically i am saying:
alisenikkole: we are all screwed, lol
T 2U: lol!

All of this to say, how does an artist deal with the moodiness, weirdness, depression, or whatever you want to call it without alienating everyone/thing? Also, does anyone else feel this way too? (Seriously, we would like some feedback on this one, remember this is our therapy and sh*t....)

And since I referenced the song, here it is:

U Send Me Swingin - Mint Condition

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S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

1) How does an artist deal with the moodiness, weirdness, depression, or whatever you want to call it without alienating everyone/thing?
Yet, 'tis only a Band-Aid, not a cure.
The MOMENT you realize you're no longer riding elevators up escalators, RUN! or they may see your TRUUUUUEEEE colors shining through. And people love the comedian; not the "Kurt Cobain."

Also, does anyone else feel this way, too?

NaturallyAlise said... may be on to something slightly, no one loves the tragic artist until their tragedy takes them away from this Earth... see now you got me feeling some kinda way ... AGAIN, got to figure how to put this to good use... lol

Monicarol.Evans said...

You know, I actually had a blog post planned about this very subject and basically I'll be saying that ya'll are full of crap and are in charge of your own emotions and that an artist doesn't NEED to be moody (or suicidal) to be be creative.

Or, in a nicer setting, you should take a deep breath, figure out why you're moody, fix it and move on.

But since ya'll asked I won't make you wait for my blog. Here's the short version for free.

NaturallyAlise said...

Actually Monica, I would LOVE your insight, I need to find a way to not be so moodylicious, because I hate it... (and I probably am full of crap, I know Tiha is, LOL)

Monicarol.Evans said...

YAY! I'll finish it up and post early next week at :-)