If I had my own Business

*Pretty cool looking office, ya think? It makes me feel sunny and happy just looking at it* -Alise

If I had my own business, what would it be like? hmmmmm. Well since I want to do a couple of things with my business/career, I’ll just make a general overview of the office life.

Yes, I’d like an office, I would like to get up in the morning and drive to my office. sweet! I don’t want to work from home, but I would like the option for when I can’t make the trek to the office. Or have the option to telecommute when I’m out of town (on my world tour). My office would be staffed with either college students or older folks who have retired and just want something to do during the day, for the administrative stuff. I don’t believe that being an administrator/secretary should be a life long endeavor, and I want people who know that this position will not be for them, forever. I need some jovial, sense of humor having low wage workers for the office stuff ;)

The other workers would be my partners, not subordinates. No way, dude. If I need a junior whatever (junior editor, junior web designer, appetence) they are going to be college students who need real world experience to graduate. Someone I can mold and guide and give a chance to, just like all the people who have given me a chance, paying it forward. Again, this will not be a position that lasts forever. I’m ok with having a revolving door for these smaller positions. I want my office to be a learning and creative environment that fosters innovation.

My partners and I would have meetings that are about something! Updates that cant be emailed and creative development sessions. I want my partners and me to have open communication, be aware of the projects we are all working on, without stupid fears of people taking ideas or some of the other petty stuff that I encounter on a daily basis. Even if we all don’t do the same thing, I still think its cool to know what the other folks are doing. For example, in one of my professions, I’m an online designer/e-learning designer and I share an office with 2 computer guys. One of the guys works hardware and connectivity, the other works software and security. We all do different things, but we all still need each other, and we will probably share clients.

And I’d have an accountant and a lawyer. I’m sure I don’t need to explain why.

I know this kind of office exists because it’s the kind of office my dad has, and has always maintained when he went into business for himself. 14 yrs he’s been in business for himself, and 14 yrs he hasn’t had any problems with his office culture. And yes I was the student for awhile that would do the admin stuff over the summer. It taught me a lot about how an office should function and what’s effective and what isn’t. I actually liked working in his office, even when I was the coffee girl trudging through the snow in downtown Boston.

So anyway, partner, what does your office or business look like?

*Alise's answer tomorrow....*

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(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

I love your idea of an office environment!

Anonymous said...

Nice...Since I'm currently unemployed, I have lots of time to think about my ideal employment opportunity. :-)

Crown R0yal said...

so like, wheeeeen can i start?