40-Degree Days

Yes, now, officially, until I decide for no reason to make it unoffical we will have "The Wire Fridays", because.... well, because I can. :) In the below clip listen to Stringer Bell describe the concept of 40 Degree Days.

*Clip Contains Explicit Language*

Damn right, no one cares about a 40-Degree day, and right now my days and weeks have been quite forgettable. I haven't been making the progress or strides I need to to fully change my situation. I have had to be more self-aware and "self-truthful" and curse and yell at myself like Stringer Bell did to Slim Charles and other guys in the clip. I need structure to accomplish things (I think I am ADD), so I am making a plan to end my string of 40-Degree Days.

I will do the following:

*Write a poem everyday, even if it is only 5 lines, a haiku, or on a napkin, just keep the creative juices flowing.

* Keep being consistent like I have been with this blog. (I am proud at myself for sticking to something)

*Write a paragraph everyday of the short story that has been initmidating me and scary @ me (c) Pretty Brown Girl

*Read an author or watch a performance of an artist that inspires me daily.

*Hit an open mic at least once every 2 weeks and push the hell out of this book.

*Keep y'all posted on what I am doing so y'all can kick me in the butt if I start slipping...

So the question to you guys: What are you doing to end (or avoid) a series of 40-Degree days?

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Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

I've been a writing fool this whole week, having posted on ALL my blogs. I believe I've written 7 entries this week between my 3 blogs. For this, I am immensely proud.