What’s up with me and lunch?

*some things never change*

WARNING: vent session

I have a problem with lunch time secret stans also known as haters. People who want so bad to be part of the crowd but fell asleep during social interaction 101 and cant figure out a way to join the group so they throw hate my way.

Real life example #1 out of 562

At my job before the job I had before this one ;) I had a lady hate on me so much that she complained to our bosses boss about who I went out to lunch with. Since I was new at my job and only knew one person, guess who I had lunch with all the time, yes folks that one person I knew. I got called into my bosses boss’s office and was told that I couldn’t have lunch with my friend anymore. I couldn’t make this up ya’ll, really I couldn’t. There were some very real racial undertones to the whole thing as well, but rednecks, I mean racism aside it still had the same result, some bs.

Real life example #1a out of 562

At the same job, as the staff turned over, we got some more people closer to my age. I still refused to eat with the group, I couldn’t stand their lunchtime conversation so I stayed to myself. As the younger folks came on board, they too were dismayed at the lunchtime convo and chose to eat by themselves as well. The same lady then proceeded to say really mean and ugly things to them whenever she had the chance. A lady twice our age. hmmmmmm haters.

Real life example #2 out of 562

At my present job, I have folks who will hear us laughing in our designated area for eating lunch, open the door, state to us that we are really loud and that they could hear us all the way down the hall, then walk out leaving the door open. Really? Is that how grownups (they at least 10 yrs older than me) behave?

All of these people really want to be invited to the group. They really want in on the crowd. But what these people fail to realize is that there IS NO GROUP. That there is no club or secret handshake, walk yourself up to the table and sit down and we promise we wont make you leave. Good grief, I’m too old to be coddling adults. What is the problem?!

alise pops her head in: Speaking of lunch, peep "The Wire's" infinite wisdom about Chicken McNuggets, it is "The Wire" Friday's ya know...

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The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Lunch time haters?? Really?? Dayum. I'm glad I don't have any co-workers. Even when I did, it was never like that. With a staff of all women (save one great gay guy), we all managed to get along well enough to eat together when we could.

Office work. Psshh, not for me. Thanks.

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

That damn orange couch...philosophizing on it in the middle of the PJ's. Gotta love The Wire.

And now I want some nuggets.

suga said...

What was your boss's rationale for forbidding you to eat lunch with someone? I'm very interested in knowing this. That is completely ridiculous.

eysqueen said...

@suge the rationale? bs plain and simple.

she said as she took me into her confidence

older white lady: some of your coworkers will get jeolous if you are always at lunch with K, because K always used to eat with them until you came. you know your coworkers cant be trusted and will do backstabbing things.....
ME (reeling from the bs): ok