*Alise exiting stage left ASAP: not fail*

  • Bought an open box laptop to get a "deal" - FAIL
  • $300 suit & jacket - EPIC PASS, Bought "mystery fabric" blouse to go under fabulous suit - EPIC FAIL
  • $5 earrings - GREEN-EARED FAIL
  • Aristocrat Vodka - NAUSEOUS MIGRAINE FAIL

    All of the above examples to prove one thing: You get what you pay for. Lawd have mercy, ain't that the truth. If I was able to figure this out after a few non-life-altering fails, then why the h-e-double hockey sticks can't the MBA's and seasoned "businessmen" who run my company figure that out. I know I went to an HBCU and all, but I do know a little bit about a little bit. (jokes, HBCU's are the sh*t) Case and point, the production staff at my company are grossly underpaid. Operators that make $15/hr. + at similar companies make $10/hr. here, and very seldom get raises. Yet, the yahoos here can not figure out why morale and productivity are in the proverbial toilet, WC, outhouse, behind the bushes..... Okay, I'll stop, for now. They are even wondering why people are quitting left and right during a recession. Even if funds are low, at least show your folks some appreciation to at least give the semblance of giving a flock of seagulls about them. Seems like Business 101 to me, but I'm just a cog in the machine so I know nothing, silly me.

    *Today I am the Moody Gremlin, I'll let Tiha take a day off from being that.*

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Ms_Slim said...

You bought an "open box" laptop to get a deal? That's more than a fail, girl LOL

But far as the fashion thing goes, this just proves why I chose to spend MORE on my clothes (see: Express, Arden B, Bakers, Aldo...). Quality over quantity any day.

I didnt do Black Friday for the first time since age 16 this year though. Why? We's in a recession...and I feel like I've been hit hardest LOL

NaturallyAlise said...

Hey, I am still lamenting over the laptop, but I learned my lesson fo sho, please believe that! Fail no more!