Frost on the Peaches

*gotta love Google images....*

It’s cold here in the land of peaches and pecans. Not like Beantown cold, but cold enough to piss me off and cool my anger to the point that I cant even create steam. Throwing wet blankets, synchronizing rain clouds over my parade, whatever cliché you can attach to the weather messing with my mood, please proceed to apply right here x___________________________________.

I haven’t seen the sun for days, just the misty grey that
eerily reflects my motivation. Had I known the sun was going to go on holiday too, I would’ve paid more attention to it. Now that its back, I don’t know if I can still appreciate it. The grey mist has taken up residence like the dust bunnies under my bed. No amount of huffing, puffing, and blowing is going to get rid of it either. All of that hot air just moves it around. I need a high power vacuum for these bunnies and the grey clouds that have engulfed my soul. But seriously, I really do need a good vacuum.

*update: by the way, click on the tag Moody Gremlin and watch how many evil Tiha posts pop up, we gotta get her out of the cube fast.*

*Isn't this hot??!!*

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NaturallyAlise said...

How about I buy you a Coke and a smile Grumpy McGrumpertein?

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I think Tiha may be the E-twin to my dark side. And that is the hottest vacuum cleaner I've ever seen. Just makes me want to do lots and lots of housework.

Anonymous said...

Ya'll are going to be mad, but when I went to my mom's house over T-giving, I saw this vacuum up close and personal.Yes, moms got the pretty pink vacuum. (and an awesome coffee maker!)

Eysqueen, I'll distract her while you steal it. *rubs hands together evily.

And cheer up, kiddo!