Career Sabotage, Plaxico Style

I’m going to piggyback off of a blog I read first thing this morning about the self destructive nature of favorite little game winning receiver. If you haven’t already heard, Plaxico Buress of the NY Giants (booo) shot HIMSELF in the thigh at a nightclub. Genius move right there, but the kicker is that he might get locked up for having a weapon in the club. I mean how many ways can you screw yourself at one time? Lets count.

1) I’m a celebrity that caught the game winning ball to win the super bowl, yada yada yada so everybody knows me, and is watching my every move because everyone knows a successful black man is an indictment waiting to happen. Let’s prove them right.
2) I bring a concealed weapon in to a club, because that’s the smart thing to do when I live under a spot light. Breaking laws in NYC isn’t the same unless I do it in front of everyone. And I don’t have the money to hire a body guard to carry the gun for me like Puffy did. Puffy’s not locked up, but Shine is…
3) I apparently didn’t take any gun safety classes before carrying this concealed weapon. I don’t know how to use this gun so maybe it was just for show, shoulda had the sense to take the clip out. No harm no foul right?
4) I shot myself. I’m an athlete who’s body is what brings me the big bucks, I practice, eat right, and wear nice clothes to protect my money maker, then I turn around an shoot myself. Career suicide in its sweetest form. I could’ve hit something important and ended my career. whatever.
5) Having recovered from being stupid and shooting myself, I now
may get jail time because I broke the law. Not only did I break the law, but I
brought in my teammate AND the hospital in on the cover up. Many folks are going to lose their jobs and get charges because I again failed to take firearm safety classes.

a 5 way fluck up.
What did Puffy say, more money more problems, how prolific. Maybe Puffy is wiser than I’ve been giving him credit for. Maybe Puffy is a good role model after all, how to be a black celebrity and a man and survive it all.

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NaturallyAlise said...

Tiha, my dear, they will be no prop 'giva-age' to Sean Combs, I won't stand for it, bc he has shot himself in the thigh many times before. Anyway, Biggie is the one that said mo' money, mo' problems, and someone else shot him, now I lost my point and I am confused so I will end this convoluted comment with the following: Boo Plaxico's ass.

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

This negro here is some new kinda stupid. I swear, I am absolutely befuddled behind his utter ridiculousness.

Monicarol.Evans said...

Athletes may be fast but they sure are stupid.

Plaxico ain't the only one. Ya boy with the Cowboys, (the one that can't stay out of the strip clubs?) he ain't far behind him.

I give him 15 minutes before his ass is permanently suspended from the league.

Fuck ups, indeed.

Eb the Celeb said...

Nah... dont start listening to Puff... he's had is fair share of legal problems, he was just smart enough to have a naive Shyne take the fall for him... and maybe if not for his F*ck ups, Biggie would still be alive...

Plax is just a dummy... and I hate the fact that all these people are saying the black athlete this and the black athlete that... it has nothing to do with race... do you see white athletes out here shooting themselves.... hell no