Can't Keep Running Away...

"Can't run forever, especially my out of shape a$$..."

As much as I am an obsessive blog writer, I also am an obsessive blog reader. There are many blogs that I read on a daily basis, or I should say whenever they are updated. So the blogs on my blogroll to the right, I really do read. The whole network of bloggers is an awesome thing I have become a part of. I have done some serious networking, met e-friends that became real friends, and have gotten my voice out in a way I never could have imagined. The thing that blogs and the "inna-nets" have done that mean the most are INSPIRE. One such example is a post on the Coming of Age : "Find Your Passion and Run With It". Definitely go check it out. One thing that the blog made me think of is how no matter how much I run from what I love, it still seems to track me down like a stalker ex-boyfriend, yeah, it's that serious. My bad, had a flashback, but I am back on track now. But really, I think of ways I sidestepped my passion and something kept nudging me back into the game. This was my comment to her blog, and really go read it, it is an awesome post.

Writing and performing poetry is my deepest love. I am so glad I finally am taking steps to make it part of my everyday and eventually career. I neglected writing for a long time, but it always found its way back. No lie, it 'bumrushed' my life, I would have my mama ask me to pen a quick little something for a program, or I would cleverly string words together to help a friend down in the dumps, or even asked to word a resume or letter just right for someone to evoke a certain mood.... all of that to say, poetry & writing would not leave me, so I finally stopped shooing it away. Great post, I think I will take this comment and blog it... you so inspiring and sh*t, lol

eysqueen adds: we had a conversation yesterday about a book I'm reading that is supposed to help me stay motivated creatively. The book said something about God giving us the gift of creativity and that our purpose was to use it. So I paraphrased the book by saying that basically everytime we step away from our art, we are dissing God. My partner Alise promtply quoated a line from the color purple: "I think it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don't notice it. " If our art/creativity were the color purple, and we continue to walk by that field and never take notice, all of the sinning in the world wont have nothing on the flat out disrepect we are showing in our actions or ambivilance. We will never get into heaven at this rate....

*Nice blast from the past....*

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suga said...

Damn this is so true. I swear, everytime I stop writing a novel, play, or short story, every time I get discouraged, or disinterested, or lose confidence, SOMETHING happens to knock sense into me like a steel toe boot to the head. It really IS like a stalker lol