This week’s theme will be childhood games and the life lessons they taught us. Each day we will highlight a game we used to play and intricately weave their impacts on our adult lives. Enjoy!

Life Lessons Learned: While playing hopscotch in the dark

Hopscotch was a girly game, but I remember some boys getting into the swing of things too. All you needed was some chalk, a sidewalk and a few rocks. You took the chalk, drew out some strategically placed boxes, put some numbers in them boxes, and placed a rock or two in some of the boxes (for us advanced players). The object of the game was to…well hell I’m not really sure. But I will tell ya what I learned.

Some folks drew their hopscotch grid pretty standard, some got real fancy with them and they became a long intricate series of single and double boxes per line that could stretch all the way down the street. A sista would be dead tired after hopping one of those fancy smansy grids. Anyway, I learned that we can choose how we perceive our lives, we can draw it out, make a plan, and choose to stick to it, or dust it off (by taking your foot and stamping out a chalk line) and draw a new one. I learned that even when a rock is placed in a box that’s right in front of you, you can hop over or around it. Or you can balance on one foot and pick that sucka up and move it out your way. You can over come obstacles as long as you confront them, and not let them stop you by making you turn around or not play the game at all. I learned that to navigate hopscotch all you needed was one foot and some balance. God gave us two feet, you do the math.

Disclaimer: I’ve never really played hopscotch in the dark, just wanted to make it sexxy for ya!
Are you having flashbacks of recess now?

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