I have some news to report from Cube Nation (state government). Sam Cook said A Change is gonna Come, and B. Obama said Yes We Can, so from the frontlines of the cube I have to report that yes a change has come and yes we are going to perpetuate this change. The old heads are retiring, the middle heads are jumping up and down with joy that they now have a chance to run things, and they are hiring young heads that are educated and know what the heck is going on and are encouraging innovation. About dang time!

Now I’m not saying that this change has been and will continue to be easy. Oh heck naw! The old heads are kicking and screaming and tearing down the walls on the way out, which is kinda cool because we were going to put a flat screen tv on those walls anyway, and we need a place for the ping pong table.

But I’ve been seeing the change, I’m experiencing the change in the re-org and I’m starting to see how things may play out, better for everyone, regardless of all the bitching from the old heads who are way to comfy in their career ruts. Sounds like a reflection of the current white house administration…

Please believe I’m not championing for the cube. I’m not giving up my goals of being my own boss and living happily ever after outside of the cube. Never that, but as I get myself together and ride out this crappy economy, this change is a happy blip on an otherwise hazy cube radar.

Biggups to changes in the cube nation!

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NaturallyAlise said...

YAY for progress!!!

amymay said...

I LOVE the sound of that... and the ping pong table sound nice, too!

like the new look round here ladies!