Wu Are You?: Can It Be All So Simple

This week is our ode to one of our favorite groups of all time, Wu-Tang Clan. Take this journey with us through the 36 Chambers, I promise you won't be mad you came along... So the Latte Mugg proudly presents: Wu Are You?

In the song, Raekwon and Ghostface discuss the hardships of growing up in New York City during the 80's, and how they want to live a lavish and famous lifestyle to escape the hardships of life.

My thoughts must be relaxed
Be able to maintain
‘Cause times is changed
and life is strange
The glorious days is gone, and everybody’s doin bad

Yes I’m snatching lyrics from this song. I love love love this song. I stan for Wu-Tang all day erry day since 199? A long *ss time. With that said, I would like to reiterate a theme here, Wu-Tang was the soundtrack for my teenage years. They were going through it, I was going through it. I saw things that they lived and I’m pretty sure none of us should have been seeing or living the sh*t either way. This song was about being someplace less than desirable and dreaming about doing bigger better things. However, on the way to achieving that dream you find out that the road is littered with some bs. And once you achieve your dream, you end up dealing with even more crap, and the memories of the hood wake you up at night and remind you during the day when you get that call about your homies or whatever still going through it. Was it all so simple, back then when all you had was a dream and a dime bag? Dare I quote Puffy in the same blog as Wu-Tang “mo money mo problems”? Let’s just pretend the Wu said that as well.

But above it all, as we go through the trials and tribulations of surviving life, we must all be able to maintain, we have to keep ourselves together, grounded and keep our eyes on the pride. Regardless of the chaos around us. We have a bigger purpose; the seed was planted in our dreams as we visualized ourselves doing more when we were young. Wu-Tang has given us some great music and lyrics, they have also, consistently given back to the community. If they had given up on their dreams because of the obstacles they faced, they wouldn’t have been able to fulfill their purpose. We can’t give up either! We have a bigger purpose that we may not always be able to see, but it’s there nonetheless and we have to follow through.

Keep ya heads up clannites!

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[fŭng'kē] [blak] [chik] said...

One of my favorite Wu songs! Chamber Music has been in heavy rotation in my house!

amymay said...

Love the Wu n Love the post!

Phellah G said...

Love that joint. That was my favorite cut on the album as well. My favorite line of theirs that I always made me think back. "Life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough."

Another favorite is actually from Ghostface's debut, "All That I Got Is You," b/c that joint takes me back to being a 70's welfare baby. I related to joint almost to a tee with that verse with my upbringing. Great blog.

MIAAR said...

Both the original on Wu Tang's debut album & the remix on Raekwon's debut album were classics. Raekwon & Ghostface had the best chemistry from any two in the crew. The joint that spoke to me clearly was Gza's "Cold World." Unfortunately that was the world around me at the time. Many of my loved ones were vanishing from around me, and they were being replaced by people who looked human but were cold as ice. I had been robbed, assaulted, and violated by Police will no real recourse of action. It really was a cold world. That remix with D'Angelo was fire as well.

NaturallyAlise said...

Thanks so much for the feedback, we love it! All week we will be paying homage to the Wu, tomorrow is "Protect Ya Neck", come back through and check it out! And Friday's post will be REAL special and fun!

Vesper-Blog said...

Man, i remember this joint...thanks Alise

NaturallyAlise said...

Hey Vesper, I didn't write today's post, my trusty partner in (c)rhyme did, but we love the compliments all the same :)