Wu Are You?: Protect Ya Neck

This week is our ode to one of our favorite groups of all time, Wu-Tang Clan. Take this journey with us through the 36 Chambers, I promise you won't be mad you came along... So the Latte Mug proudly presents: Wu Are You?

Protect Ya Neck has many different layers. On one hand it is a braggadocios tale of the ferocity of the Wu-Tang Clan and how they will basically f*ck you up, for lack of a better word... (and for emphasis, lol) as referenced by Ghostface Killa:
For cryin out loud my style is wild so book me

Secondly it speaks to how their camaraderie is vital to their survival. In a sense a "Am I My Brother's Keeper?" mentality. One of the attributes of the Wu during this period was their concept of protecting family, that wasn't necessarily blood family. No matter how crude or "grimy" they had to be, they still held on the concept of togetherness and a sense of community. I feel this is something that is lacking within our music AND society as a whole. These days there is a large emphasis put on selfish ideals and what I call the "Look at Me" mindset. I respected how they promoted the idea of gaining wealth and knowledge but still holding on to and looking out for their fellow man. This is also evident how when each Wu member put out a solo project, the group members were prominently featured in songs, videos, and production credits. In a sense Tiha and I are a mini-clan because we help each other out and support each others endeavours, we would never leave the other one out of our successes. We will let others into our circle, as RZA states:

My clan increase like black unemployment

We also are protective about who we let into the fold, like ODB says (he is profound sometimes, every now and then, lol):
And I'll be damned if I let any man
Come to my center, you enter, the winter

Do you have a crew to "protect ya neck"? How has that helped you along the way?

*talk to us, we won't bite (unless you like that sort of thing, lol)

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MIAAR said...

My older brother used to terrorize me & my younger brother when this song came on. I love this joint especially how ODB starts off his verse. It sounds almost comical , but it's simply classic. This is still the concept with the band of friends I've had since childhood & we don't even live near one another anymore. We help out one another & even though some of us have new families we still protect one another when harm is imminent. That's why I consider my small band of friends an extension of my family.

amymay said...

There are people I would go to the wall for and people who I know would do the same for me. And, yes, I think there is a value to putting your money where your mouth is and proving your loyalty to your friends. My clan has expanded lately... in my mind anyway... there are a couple of friends I wish I could meet for brunch! LOL... you know who ya are!!