Wu Are You?: Da Mystery of Chessboxin'

This week is our ode to one of our favorite groups of all time, Wu-Tang Clan. Take this journey with us through the 36 Chambers, I promise you won't be mad you came along... So the Latte Mug proudly presents: Wu Are You?

The more I research The Wu, the more I admire them and what they stood for. From their lyricism to their business sense. The clan started out in their videos wearing masks, they represented as an entity, The Wu. When they blew up they did their solo things but always had their solid foundation. That’s the way community is supposed to work. Work together to gain success and stability, then do you but never forget who got you there by giving back. They always gave each other credit. ok ok enough about that. On to the point of Chessboxin’...

“I got beef with commercial ass n***as with gold teeth”

I do too Wu!

“The game of chess is like a swordfight You must think first before you move...”

Let me hip you clannites to the game real quick. The Wu exemplified their skills lyrically and whoop your tail like in this song. The point is that you have to have a plan, you have to be able to change up your plan while in battle, you have to think about what you do before you do it so you can anticipate what is coming next, yimean?

Metaphor Alert: For example, lets just say you got dressed this morning, which I’m thinking we all did. As you were putting on your gators, Nikes, Three Stripes (showing Beantown love), or Keds, you realized that your foot wasn’t sliding in as easily as it usually does. You have a choice A) keep jamming your foot in there until you crack a toe or tear the tongue out of the shoe or B) examine the shoe to figure out what’s blocking your path. Eventually everyone gets to choice B. Some longer than others, the point? Strategy and problem solving!

Ok so come follow me across this bridge so I can take you to the land of enlightenment. I’m about to connect these thoughts to support my up coming vent in 5…4…3…2…1-

The President, Obama, is trying to do right by the people, trying to give the people what they want, he heard us cry, he’s trying to dry our tears. He said you want healthcare reform? We said hells yeah! He said you want me to join the parties? We said, what the flip ever just make it happen. So he consults all the top docs nurses hospitals (his wife was head of a hospital system) and sick folks. He devises a plan to make it happen. The plan is hitting hella resistance from ALL sides…so what does he do? He re-strategizes (yes I made that up). He takes all of the info he’s receiving, taking into consideration what people’s gripes are and is coming back with a better way to make it fit the most people. Some say he’s backing down, but anyone who can take a shoe off to examine what is preventing it from sliding on to their foot can see a mid battle change of plan a mile away. You want him to help you, but you wont support his battle plans. You suck at playing chess, you suck at life, you are probably stuck in your life doing nothing but complaining.

I support anyone who is trying to help me. Obama’s doing it, The Wu supports it, and I endorse it. So there it is, here it was, don’t be late, cuz here I come!

You’ve been schooled.

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MIAAR said...

This is actually the second time I saw this video. I only caught this video once on Video Music Box years ago. You give excellent examples to back up what the Wu Tang Clan was all about. I defintely have been schooled. From "Da Art of Cheeseboxing" to "Obama's Health Plan" we all have the process of strategizing all over again when we meet resistance. Life is never so straight forward in which you can avoid that. These are nice metaphors & analogies all around Alise.

amymay said...

What's to comment, you said it all!