Seuss Deez: Hop on Pop

*alert: Daddy issues abound*

The book "Hop on Pop" is just a cute little poem with simple rhymes constructed to introduce kids to reading. It is one of the first books I remember reading. I chose to relate this book to my life for simply the title. I am jealous of the title. I wish I could have hopped on my pop. Even though pop only lived 10-15 minutes away, he might as well have lived on the moon. Actually if he lived on the moon I would have had something to brag about at Show and Tell. I'm not going to go to Show and Tell and say:

"This week is a Tell... well let me tell you about my daddy... He is the GREATEST liar I have ever met, he is so cool that he works no where and uses anyone he meets. And oh my he is consistent, he has consistently never given me a birthday or Christmas present, pretty awesome isn't it?"

***side-eye of death***

I digress. Well, not really. I know folks will want to tell me that I should forgive, and you would be absolutely correct. Does it make you feel good to be right? (lol) I just feel like I should be able to vent about his inadequacy. It's half myblog and sh*t... I also can now admit my jealousy that my little brother gets to hop on Pop, but myself and 3 older siblings did not. That's my real issue. Le sigh. Done venting. (for today anyway)

And while you're here, go ahead and vent too...

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Lteefaw said...

You do have to forgive but that doesn't mean you need to forget.

amymay said...

My dear Alise... forgiveness is for YOU not for him. Forgiveness is tough when you equate it with giving the person who hurt you a pass. I learned this lesson along the way. For me, forgiving is putting it down. Sayin', "Nope. You are not gonna have that power in my life." To me, it's the realization that the pain and anger I'm holding on to is hurting me way the hell more than it is the other person, and the decision to reclaim my power n put a stop to it.

When you see forgiveness as buying yourself freedom from carrying the burden, it becomes easier. Then you find yourself sayin', "Hey, eff you! You will get no more of my energy!"

Letting it go... not easy. But the satisfaction of minimizing a person's importance in your life is sublime. You have reduced their position and made them impotent in your world... but maybe that's just me n my power trip. I kinda get off on the secret knowing that I have when I can think about someone who wronged me n know in my heart they really just don't matter anymore. Poor insignificant them!!
And they don't even know they don't make a pimple on a dog's ass!! ;)

So, who wants to chip in to get me some therapy?

amymay said...

Let me apologize for the poor job I did writing that last post... the Ranch sucked my brain dry today.

My bad!

Lite Bread said...

This here subject always confuses me. I cannot, will not, wouldn’t ever contemplate, ever, Ever, EVER abandoning my precious children, or compromise their future wellbeing by my conscious decisions. They are more important to me than Me. From the day they were born to this very day, I expend myself, sacrifice myself, for their needs and future.
How can it be any other way?
I don’t understand the “inner workings” of others.

amymay said...

I don't care what they say about you Lite, you're ok for a white dude! ;)