*Recap: We wanted to have a little fun and do something a little different, so we have decided to start some series here on "The Latte Mug." Our first series will be "Left to our own literary devices..." As you may know, Tiha and I love literature, poetry, and theater. We try to live and breathe it as much as possible, and sometimes it enters our lungs whether we invite it to the respiration party or not. (Did I get carried away with that metaphor?... I'm a poet, sue me!) This series will highlight a literary device* each day this week and how it has somehow bumrushed itself into our reality. Ya dig? I thought you would...

Creative license:
Exaggeration or alteration of objective facts or reality, for the purpose of enhancing meaning in a fictional context.

I’ve finally earned my creative license, and man lemme tell you that test was a b*tch. I took classes and everything. I studied up with the book, passed the written, but that road test had me shook, straight up.

I ended up getting a BA in Art just to gain the knowledge for the written.

But the road test was a little more tricky. You see, it required that I put myself out there artistically. I had to believe in myself and my art. I had to find my purpose and not be afraid to stand by it. I had to be brave in the face of criticism. I had to be willing to do something for nothing and do nothing for something. I had to balance my art with selling out for the mighty dollar. It took awhile to pass that road test. It was a road I had not traveled since I was a teenager, back when I was carefree and open to expressing myself through art. Back then I didn’t care what people thought, I had something to say and I said it artistically, the world be dammed. I did it for me, not to please others and it was great. But in order to earn my license, I had to capture that essence once again and let it lead me down that same road some 15 years later. After many practice runs, I finally made it down that road with ease, and I earned my license!

So what does having my creative license mean? It means that I’m now free to express in any way shape or form with no inhibitions. Inhibitions in art don’t mix, like oil and water on canvas. I have no excuse not to create; I’ve earned the right with myself and am obligated to the world to share my gift.

How did you prove to yourself that you could do what makes you happy?

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amymay said...

I'm still studying for the road test... puttering along with my learner's permit, but puttering none the less!

NaturallyAlise said...

I went out on a limb and decided to pursue the teaching thing, finally did what I wanted instead of what was expected...

DanniGyrl said...

I've failed at getting my creative license several times. But I continued to try until I got it right. Now all I have to do is keeping renewing it every so often, and while doing so, it keeps me focused and challenged.


Lite Bread said...

I, somehow, have lived the crash an’ burn state. I don’t think anybody will give me a license for anything now, lol.
I like the new look and format!
Oh, and yesterday’s piece was great. I could find volumes of self-exploration in that one!