Suess Deez: Green Eggs and Ham

Sam constantly badgers an unnamed character to try green eggs and ham. The unnamed character refuses to taste the dish, insisting that he would not like it.

Being the daredevil of life (not afraid to try new and different things, not necessarily jumping from planes, but will jump into new relationships just to see what would happen), I have a trunk load of fun and interesting things I’ve discovered over the years. I like odd and different things as well, so my trunk is very eclectic. I enjoy green eggs and ham. Its that hot sh*t! Its good for me, makes me feel healthy and I’m pretty sure it’ll be good for you too. I hear you complain often about how crappy you feel, so I’m trying to help you out by putting you on to some green eggs and ham! What? you’ve never heard of them? Don’t like the way they look? Don’t want to try them because they’re different? But I’m telling you, from personal experience, they are good for you. Still not convinced huh? Well think of them like healthcare reform, good for all once we tailor it to fit our people and economy. I can tailor the green eggs and ham too, you like your eggs fried hard right? Still not convinced? AND you don’t believe in healthcare reform either????

Well I’m NOT Sam-I-Am. I’m just not that persistent. You can just die from your ailments and not get any treatment with medicare. More green eggs and ham for me!

The moral of the book is to teach persistence, especially if you believe in something. I have a hard time distinguishing between persistence and begging. It all feels like begging to me, which is something the kid doesn’t do. Oh well. Persistence is good, and good luck with that!

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amymay said...

Sam knows the business! And unnamed dude learned to be more open... stubborn resistance for the sake of it never got anyone anywhere!

Lite Bread said...

Green Eggs and Ham is an Interracial tale.
You won’t try “it”, because it seems foreign to you. Different. Unexpected. Not the "accepted norm".
Yep. Black girls will talk about it, but, like, actually Trying it, nah. It’s like …
“Green Eggs and Ham”

How’s THAT for literary license, lol!

eysqueen said...

@ lite LMAO!!! fantabulous!