Life Lessons Learned: Double Dutch

A huge part of my childhood was jumping rope. My elementary school was internationally known for their jump rope team. Have you ever seen the jump-rope competitions on ESPN every once in a while; they always placed very high. I was a part of the jump-rope club we had and let's just say, I was a beast. I'm not talking the schoolyard skipping rope for mere fun; I'm talking serious competition. Through the years I have never been much of an athlete, but this was something I excelled in (and I still do) and was serious business.

My favorite jump-rope activity hands down was double-dutch. I have made a connection to that love of double dutch with my love and passion of spoken word performance now, here is how:

  • It brings positive attention.
  • Other people are scared to do it, and think I am awesome for taking the leap (pun intended)
  • Requires multi-tasking to concentration on the "moves" while also engaging your audience
  • Must jump in at precisely the right time, BUT if you mess up you can start over again easily
  • The rope turners are like the stage and the mic, I need to work with them to make a successful show
  • It's hella fun!
  • I am the sh*t at doing it (tee hee...)

*Durham, NC's own Bouncing Bulldogs*

So readers, how is your life or a passion of yours like the good ol' days of jumping rope?

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Lite Bread said...

Considering my coordination usually sucks (a life-long habit), I remember hitting the ropes, falling down, getting tangled and being asked not to come back (and being reminded “white boys don’t do this!”).
What parallels would you make to my real life then, lol?
Too many, I’m sure!

My “tangled” IR relationships …?

amymay said...

Hey Litey! wondered where you been..