We wanted to have a little fun and do something a little different, so we have decided to start some series here on "The Latte Mug." Our first series will be "Left to our own literary devices..." As you may know, Tiha and I love literature, poetry, and theater. We try to live and breathe it as much as possible, and sometimes it enters our lungs whether we invite it to the respiration party or not. (Did I get carried away with that metaphor?... I'm a poet, sue me!) This series will highlight a literary device* each day this week and how it has somehow bumrushed itself into our reality. Ya dig? I thought you would...

Tragic flaw: The single characteristic (usually negative) or personality disorder which causes the downfall of the protagonist.

I have many flaws. I 'm only human. Flesh and blood. A (wo)man. I f*ck up, a lot. I can admit that. I'm borderline lazy, I don't speak up for myself, and I don't network when I should. Yet all of those I work on and have developed stategies to combat this for the most part. *where my head resides regularly*

BUT.... I have atragic flaw that will be my downfall: Lack of focus. In fact, it is so bad that it took me 45 to write the first paragraph, because I did the following:

*Checked my facebook
* Made a playlist
*Tweeted about my cramps (which was quite hilarious actually, I said "If cramps were a career I'd Diddy them", I digress, see there goes the focus thing)
* IM'ed with Tiha
* IM'ed with Luvvie
* Checked my email
* Started twisting my hair
* Stared into space (for real)

All of that to write 5 sentences that were already in my head. That is sad. That is pitiful. That is ME. This has become my tragic flaw because I am so scatterbrained that I do not see things all the way through. I get excited about projects or ideas and go gung-ho hard for a little while, but then it fizzles out, and on to the next thing. That is not a way to live or work. So, part of the reason for starting to do series here at the blog is that it will make me stick to something. I'll tell ya, one thing I miss about the cube (shhhhh don't tell anyone) is the structure and organization. I need someone/thing to reign in my scattered brain a little bit so I can follow through with all my delusions of grandeur grand plans, hairbrained schemes great ideas, and world domination goals.

What is your tragic flaw?

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amymay said...

along the lines of "I don't have ADD I just.....look! a kitty..."

She Hate Me said...

What's funny is, my tragic flaw is that I multitask.


I will be doing one thing, and do something else while doing that, and then do something ELSE while doing the first and second thing, etc, until I'm no longer doing the thing I was doing in the first place.

Being a Gemini is FUN!