Cubicle Crusaders Poetry Greatest Hits

Since we started this week off with a poem, I thought I would share some of my favorite poems Tiha and I have written over the course of our blog. Let us know what you think!

from Poetry Wednesday's: MEH (my response to the debate last night)

Meditating Endlessly about my Horizons
because the view at ground level sucks
I’m too close to the manmade earth
which is made up mainly of mistakes and rocks.
I’ve taken to tugging on my hair
to relieve all this anxiety I have built up inside
in school I believe they said it’s a disorder
anxious obsession that I know is felt countrywide.
I have no sense of control
but what I sense isn’t too good
in fact its keeping me with bald patches on my head
and my eyes rolled up looking like a crackhead in the hood.
If drugs were an option
I’d be smacking my arm right now
but my youth has already taught me
that short term is not an option, not for me anyhow.
So I keep my eyes on the horizon
my mind floating amongst the clouds
keeping my dreams alive and safe
and protecting my goals underground.


, written to Tiha

if there were no cliffs
how would we know if our wings are working
instead of accessories taking up space
decorating cubicles
next to the family pic
and puppy calendar

on those
cliff edges
where emus transform
into mighty eagles

and lemmings get a clue.

Poetry Wednesday - A sexy mind is a terrible thing to waste...

i swear i'm not great in my own mind,
my own mind just happens to be great
my brain is soooooo sexy
all gray and goowey
oozing sense and sensibility
sensual thoughts verbalized as creative ideas
genius bottled as grey matter
matter of factly packaged for success

from Coincidence?

So time for me
... to abandon the vicious cycles
.....and running in circles...
I am gonna run ....
in some new shapes,
no. fuck that.
I am multidimensional
I'll run, walk, and glide in 3D,
run in dodecahedron
excel in this sphere....
no more running in circles
...that always ends in a cube....

and our first joint poem we ever did, and probably our fave!
from Yet To Be Realized Potential of a Creative Class Superstar....

There are the bullies and the bullied
There are the popular and the socially awkward
There are the Bes and the wanna-bes
Some time after high school class culture meets real world life stressors meets survival of the fittest the lines blur and roles change.
The bullies become leaders or dictators (depending on the country)
The popular become entertainers
The Bes are being happy
And the bullied, socially awkward and wanna-bes are in management.
Welcome to cube life!

I think, therefore I outcast in this cubicle nation
Weirdo among automatons scared of recreation...
Not satisfied with status quo and placation
But it is I who is the skeleton key to workplace rejuvenation...
Yet when I cross the cubicle borders I am faced with condemnation,
New ideas faced with scoffs and irritation....

Even complacency is complaining about the tedium of my cubicle existence.
Going against it's very nature, it has planned a mental revolt.
It kidnapped serenity and left a note saying:
give us fulfillment! give us challenge! give us free! or the bitch gets it...

I am a wolf in business casual attire
Ribs are touching..... so I am stalking, staking, slithering, & scoping....
Shuffling around in sensible shoes searching and salivating for something worth sinking my fangs in
Trying futilely to fit in with the flock.....
A time bomb with teeth....
tick.... tock....

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Anonymous said...

That was hot! :-)

jeanette nicole* said...

Alise for the use of rhombus and dodecahedron and Tiha for "genius bottled as grey matter" you two are making me want to burn my (dust covered) notebook. Dope poetry, ladies!

Lite Bread said...

Ms. Cube,
At the risk of seeming like an e-Stalker, lol, I must say, that WAS Good.
I wish that I had far more exposure and education in the Literary Arts, but this stuff … I Like!
Probably because, with soooo much ‘commercial crap’ passing itself off as “Art” these days (loved all the BET take-down’s, lol. Man, they were, like Everywhere! I think some A/A peoples be about ready for an internal Revolution, against certain parts of the, uh, “Black Collective”.)
But this, this, even an un-eja-mu-cated Id-jet (me!) could FEEL the passion, the promise and the emotion.
Good stuff Maynard!

amymay said...

Yessss Ma'am(s)!!

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.