..... heck naw, you know me & Revolutionary Eysqueen don't believe in those things, you should know that by now... Lately I have been getting things in my inbox, IM, or beating on my ear-bass-drum that have been either inspirational or right on point with what I am feeling. An example:

From Cubicle Crusaders: IM Revolutionaries (Naturally Alise and Tiha)

My cartoon of the day this morning was the one above. Just yesterday I was lamenting my feelings of being out of sorts because I do not have that day job I was so used to. That cartoon reminded me of the vicious cycle that place had perpetuated. I need to get it through my head that the routine I was in was unhealthy and making me crazy, and I need to get over the routine change. I must remember it is what I wanted. I put my wish to leave there out in the universe and guess what? ....the universe called my bluff. So where do I go from here? ...not exactly sure yet (but not exactly unsure either), but I have a support system that is strong and they are helping me along the way (yeah Tiha, you are part of that system :) ... ) I just thought of a "poem-esque" something:

So time for me
... to abandon the vicious cycles
.....and running in circles...
I am gonna run ....
in some new shapes,
no. fuck that.
I am multidimensional
I'll run, walk, and glide in 3D,
run in dodecahedron
excel in this sphere....
no more running in circles
...that always ends in a cube....

*I love that word...

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