A Call to Action....

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~originally posted 12/9/08~

*my boy Ichigo, get ya anime game right suckas
Have you ever read a job description that sounded like something you could do, but the circumstances weren’t “right” or “ideal”? Maybe the job was in a location that you’d never consider moving to, or in a part of town that required a vest. Maybe the pay would reduce you to eating Raman Noodles, which you are already doing making more money now. Maybe you thought it would be a step back in your career movement up the ladder. However, the job seemed so like something you could do, something you had been prepared for by previous jobs or education. Maybe the job was related to your first major in college that you transferred out of, but always had a yearning to pursue it-if the timing was right. Well I’m here to reveal a message about this exact kind of scenario.

I’ve found that for a while now I’ve been preparing for my war, my battle or to put it ethereally, my purpose in life. Anyone who knows me for 5 minutes knows that I have the spirit of a warrior, always ready to do battle for a cause, against an injustice, and in my youth just for the hell of it. And I’ve been walking around looking for my battle, dragging my sword on the ground, stomping my feet because I couldn’t find a fight. When all along, it was right in front of me. No it didn’t come in the form I expected it to, but neither does blessings or any other message given to us by the divine one. When you get your marching orders, no one is going to text it to your phone or email a detailed description of it. You’d just better get or you’ll miss it.

So now I’m ready, I’ve gotten the call to action. I’ve been preparing for years, I know the name of my
zanpaktou and I’m ready to use it. Slaying demons, beheading dragons, or basically getting the job done, when you get the call, will you be ready?

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