The power of Starbucks

This morning I made my scrimmage down the road to Starbucks to get some hot coco (I’m off caffeine and telling the world, 1 week and counting, taking it day by day). The line was wrapped around itself full of eager Starbucks coffee heads ready for their morning injection of happiness.
Today was also the day they were giving out free pastries. I was so focused on my coco that I’d forgotten about the free item. As I took my place in line, the lady behind the registered announced to the waiting coffeeheads that there were no more free pastries. All gone, they ran out. I counted about 10 or so many folks in front of me, about 5 behind, and don’t you know out of all those people, maybe 3 actually left the building. Only three people were there solely for the free stuff! Starbucks is having no problems retaining their customers through this hard time if only 3 out of who knows how many people left because they couldn’t get something free. Now that’s power. Have you ever been in a free line before? Do you remember what its like when folks run out of the free item? Remember KFC…remember get in free b4 11 nights at the club….I mean folks would start to riot and burn things down. Not at Starbucks my friends, they don’t even need free giveaways, coffeeheads are loyal! Now that’s power!

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NaturallyAlise said...

We all know how I feel about the power of coffee, I am an addict.. it is worse than heroin on the addictive tip... Starbucks is just a crack house and that coco you are drinking is methadone, lol

amymay said...

Coffee gives me LIFE!

PhlyyGirl said...

No, those are addicts!!
I ain't knockin it though. We all have vices and there are some that could be worse.
I never could get into coffee though. Tastes like old ass nasty ass gym socks to me. Ick!