Now that I’ve entered the 30+ realm of hotness and uber sexiness, I’m in awe of the level of understanding I have. I mean, I’m not saying I know it all, not even close, but I now understand so much better all of the things I’ve come to know during my 3 decades on this flighty planet. I understand things about myself and the way the world works. This understanding has rendered me calm amidst the man made storms, even that non man made ones. My faith in things intangible has strengthened. Me no worry over things I can’t control.

Specifically artistically I am so much more free. I mean people have told me, actually they haven’t really, I’ve told myself that I am free to do what I want, but now I believe me. And this newfound freeness has my mind boggled, but in a good way. I’m out on the edge of the cliff, and I don’t care…will I fall…I don’t care…will I come back…I don’t care…and it feels good…to only care about what I love…

sounds like the start of a poem….

{naturally alise steps in} well i think i'll write one of many that is all up in my spirit....

if there were no cliffs
how would we know if our wings are working
instead of accessories taking up space
decorating cubicles
next to the family pic
and puppy calendar

on those
cliff edges
where emus transform
into mighty eagles

and lemmings get a clue.

[so tiha: sometimes it's okay to jump..... use your wings...]

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