Straight from Eysqueen's...mind!

I would like to take this time to pontificate on some things we as flawed, crooked, narrow minded, self serving, self destructive humans do keep ourselves in a perpetual state of misery and to support our need to lash out angrily at any and everyone around us further adding to the motto “life’s a b then ya die”.

If life were a forest, and we were city dwellers, we would find living in the forest quite daunting. City slickers weren’t meant to lounge in forests, however as humans we adapt. Our adaptation to the forest may result in inhabiting only a small section of the forest at a time, as we get used to our surroundings and figuring out which leaves SHOULD NOT be used to wipe our butts. This is quite understandable. In our timid adaptation to our strange surroundings, we may find ourselves leaning up against a dead tree. The roots may be rotted, it may sway a little too much to the side when the cooling breeze blows, whatever the case may be, this one tree we’ve been lamping on is dead. There aren’t too many places you can go once you’ve reached end. And since we are too afraid to venture away from our familiarly dead tree, we tend to focus on how awful the dead tree is and how it serves no purpose. We may even be scarred by the fact that we are just now realizing the tree is dead and wondering how long it had been deceased before we realized it, causing us to doubt our dead tree recognizing abilities. Causing us to ultimately doubt everything about ourselves. We focus on the dead tree and rotted roots, it absorbs our energy and all we can think about is how much the world sucks because your lamping tree is dead and it looks bad too and its all up in our personal space.

As we spiral deeper into our diatribe about how all the world is filled with rotten things and how only horrible things happen to us, and how we no longer trust ourselves to make good decisions because our last decision had us lamping on a dead tree, somewhere up above, people are laughing their a**es off at us. Someone somewhere says, between laughs “why don’t they just move to a better location, after all it is a forest and there are plenty of other vibrantly alive trees”. Ahh yes common sense. From the outside looking in it all seems so simple. But to the poor city dwelling peon in the forest, it’s not quite so clear.

The moral of the story is, don’t be a closed minded peon unable to progress because you are overwhelmed by a situation that is foreign to you. Keep it moving, I promise things will change and it will get better. And maybe, the people high up above will stop laughing. AND if its any consolation to you, the laughing people up top laughed their butts right up off that mountain and fell down to where you are, so they are throwing shade down there with you.

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amymay said...

Sounds to me like maybe you have the zombies on the run.... yay you!