"Act like a tennis shoe...."

"....and just do it..."
(c) "Doo Doo Brown" -2 Hype Brothers
(such profound and astute quotes, I know....)

someone asked me for advice. the cartoon below is a pretty good summation of what i told them:

Savage Chickens, by Doug Savage - Click for original image and more excellent cartoons!!

Only thing is question was not about a job. It was about a toxic friendship. I don't even mean the run of the mill growing apart thing that usually happens around my age. It was a clear case of the fact that their friend was a complete and utter motherf.... shut yo mouf! This person went on and on forever about how this person was all types of not sh*t and various other colorful expletives, after 10 minutes in I grew agitated with the whole conversation. My answer was, [verbatim] "Tell her to exit stage left, and then you exit stage right." I received the typical response of, "But I love her we've been friends forever." ugh, that reeked of fail. I HATE, abhor, despise, and generally can't stand that response for anything. It is an unacceptable reason whether it be a friendship, romantic relationship, job, or to turn down a great oppurtunity. Sometimes it's good to be a quitter, as long as you are quitting strategically and quitting wack ass people. word. Just had to ge that off my chest... you know how i get to feeling some kinda way.

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eysqueen said...

it takes 2 people to maintain a crappy situation like that. so take the hand thats pointing the finger at the other party, count up all the lil fingers pointing back at urself, take them 4 fingers, grab yourself by your collar, and drag yourself away...

my .005 cents

amymay said...


sometimes, you gotta leave it all behind (no Phonte)

it's not quitting, it's self preservation

I would only add this... if you find yourself in wack company or a wack a$$ situation, and you feel the need to tell me about it, all I'm fixin to say is you have 2 choices... 1. fix it or B. STFU about it.... if you're gonna fix it, I got ya back... if you just wanna whine, you got the wrong chick!!

lubbs ya!

Anonymous said...

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