A world Tour

I was talking to a friend that lives in my old stomping grounds of Raleigh NC the other day, and she was catching me up on the happenings around town. She finished her report by exclaiming shrilly through the phone “and guess who I saw?? I saw your friend Alise, she’s big time now! She was headlining a show!!” Squeals and claps abounded for about 10 minutes. Yes people, my blog partner is the sh*t! She headlines shows, she gets the party started, she can start a cipher on a street corner, in a laundry mat, at the coffee shop and even in someone else’s head. Give it up for Naturally Alise who’s spoken word fame is being talked about from town to town and state to state. Now let’s get this chicky prepped for her spoken word tour…She needs an agent too!

* this is an old picture, but it comes from a time when sista girl was really getting into her spoken word groove. Cheers to beginnings and continuations!

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