Robot Chicken Ruined my Childhood

There is a little show on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) called Robot Chicken, whose soul purpose is to permantely warp all of the good and fun things from my childhood. It is a clay mation parody show that puts a comic twist on everyday tv shows, commercials and events, mostly the ones from the 80s. They made the tooth fairy whoop tail on an abusive husband. They had the chicky from “this is your brain on drugs” take that frying pan and go ape sh*t all over her apartment and street. They told Rudolph the red nosed reindeer that his red nose was a tumor and he was going to die. They also told Popeye that his arms were unnaturally big and that they too were tumors. They gave Optimus Prime a std or prostate cancer or something. So when I went to see Transformers the movie, all I could think about was how much it hurt Optimus to pee. Thank You Robot Chicken! Below are a few still shots from other wacky and memory scarring episodes of Robot Chicken:

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