We still around and kicking!

Have no fear readers, we are still around and kicking. It just so happens that we are in full swing with living life and barely have enough time to report back on our adventures. However, we are indeed having adventures and saucy thoughts about the trippy stuff we encounter. I have about a month's worth of rants and vents about everything, and Ms. Alise has a month's worth of happenings and personal growth experiences to share. We've poured them into our blog pots and put it on simmer. And boy is it simmering... or in my angry case, its bubbling rapidly, but I left the house with the stove on, so I'm sure mi casa is on the verge of being burned down, heated and melting from all of the fiery thoughts that I intended to pour onto this blog. If I go home, and it is no longer standing, then it'll be a life lesson for me, don't walk away from the passion when its bubbling over and piping hot. If I go home and someone else has turned off the stove and saved my temple, I owe someone a dinner :)

Apparently I've missed writing this blog, I swear this was supposed to be a one liner.

Stay tuned folks, we will be back soon!

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Lite Bread said...

OK ... I'm waiting ...
(Watch pot never boils)

NaturallyAlise said...

For real, we'll be back, I have some awesome updates!