What's up with Alise?

Remember how it felt the day after the last day of school marking the beginning of your summer vacation? Remember how it feels the first day of "real" Spring? Remember how it felt refund check day in college? Do ya? Well I do! As you may already know, I got laid off. Yet, I am not mad. I was sad for approximately 3 hours. My SO bought me a six pack and my BFF Curly took me to the bar and we tried every type of shot we could imagine. (awwwww yeah!). Then the next day I received my Unemployment determination, and it wasn't too shabby. So I can still work my part time job with a few extra hours and be A-OK... I am going to go back to school this summer, but for the next few months I can write, RELAX, RELATE, RELEASE with no financial worries.

*Skip to 9:15 of the video for some nostalgia laughs*

Wanna know what I did today? Well I 'll tell you since you asked! I rose, ate a real breakfast, walked to the shop (Ideas! Coffeehouse) that is about a mile/mile and a half from my house, sat in the coffeehouse with pen and notebook and a novel, and wrote for about 2 hours, and read for about an hour. After that I went to my part time job hopped up on caffeine. (Y'all know how I love me some coffee!). Only bad thing is that I hate my part time job, but it is PART TIME, so that is a moot point really.

Y'all, I am happy. I feel free. I feel inspired. I feel naturally Alise.

Love y'all!

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eysqueen said...

I'm going to say it, I can't resist, I'm going to say it...everything happens for a reason, it is your time! ;)

Crown R0yal said...

words cannot express how happy i am for you. i'm glad you're FREE. that's how you know you're on the right track.

no worries, mama. it's all part of the plan.

love ya. :-)

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

YESSSSSS "give us us free" indeed! Ur dreams aren't gonna be deferred for much longer :-)

ODARA said...

YAY to feeling FREE!!!!!! woot..woot!!! lol

stay feeling inspired b/c THAT inspires the rest of us :o)