Something fun today

I have to confess about a guilty pleasure of mine. I am soooooo guilty, but sooooo caught up in this horrible pleasure that I cant do anything else but to confess about it. Here goes…when I’m not out slaying dragons, fighting for creative freedom and enlightening the people, I indulge in the “reality” tv show…For the Love of Ray J.

*head hung low in shame

As much as I talk mess about the lack of creativity on tv and the tons of crap being manufactured and tube fed into our brains, I almost feel like a traitor for searching VH1 for its next installment of this…reality tv train wreck. I almost want to sing “blame it on the aaaaallcccoohhhhooolllll”, since I was sipping on some wine the first time I saw the show, but all the other times I was sober as hell.

What is it about this show that has me hooked? Is it that I’m looking for the real Ray J? not Brandy’s little brother or Raymond Sr’s son? Is it that I’m looking at how long these girls can pull off hiding the fact that they could really care less about Ray J and only want to boost their careers? Am I looking for a Brandy guest appearance? or am I truly just looking for an hour of escapism and it just aint that deep? Either way I’m hooked!

Whoo, got that off my chest!

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Ms_Slim said...

I'm hooked too. And I'm soooo ashamed too because I SWORE I'd never watch it out of principle. Now I'm tunin in every Monday night at 9 and shyt and even waiting around to catch it I didnt just see it a few hours before. All week long. smh.

But girl did you SEE last night's game show? iDIIIIIED laughin at Team Diva. Man that was some hilariousness; I swear I lost a few pounds from all that laughter.

I'm guilty as charged. But I can't even feel bad about it....sigh....I can't wait til Caviar takes her ass home though.

Okay Im done lol

NaturallyAlise said...

I tripped out that Ray J now decided that "RAIN" is a place... oh and when ol' girl said chick was shaped like a Pepto Bismol bottle iDied.

eysqueen said...

why was i participating in the game tho, shouting out answers "on the beach on the beach!"

Ms_Slim said...

Team Diva: (all sure of themselves) In the bedroom!

Tommy Davidson: Let's see. In the bedroom?


That was too damn much!!! LMAO!!!!
They looked so pitiful.

Stacks is a damn MESS! She was hating sooooooooo hard on Danger that it was outright stupid. Looks aint everything and I think Ray J likes her so much because she's unique (unique-r than Unique and that 'hair hat' of hers lol) and mysterious and doesnt throw herself on Ray like all the other girls do.

I'll admit though--I didnt like Danger at first because of that stupid ass tattoo sitting on her face but now Im all for her. She does her, aint worryin about NONE of them, and keeps it moving. I couldnt believe that they even approached her when she was sitting on the swing and then proceeded to say, "We can't stand your ass either!"

I'm thinkin, "so why are yall even thinkin about her?" Damn haters!

I wanted Danger to get her glass first again so she can really reign. She's dope and that's all that matters. I want her to win now :)

eysqueen said...

Danger held her own on that swing when she got fake ambushed. I was cheering her on because she didnt back down, she was like "yes I dont like none of ya'll". my money is on her and her tatted face.

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Ya'll goin straight to hell for watching that mess!!! LOL!

Ain't no way. I just can't. He is a mess and that tribe of trollops he got up there is too much for my delicate sensibilities.

Chanel said...

1st off lmao @ tribe of trollops! Haaaa. *ahem* Anyway, yes my name is Chanel and I, too, am addicted to For the Love of Ray J. I dont know if it's watching these retarded women self-destruct (Stilts has got to be the dumbest broad ever to wear her ring ON THE DAMN 1 on 1 DATE), or trying to decide whether Ray J's phone sex voice is gay or not. Sigh. Either way, im addicted.

And yes, Danger is my favorite.

eysqueen said...

yo i was thinking that Ray J is really gay, because at least flava seemed really interested superficially in the girls, he was throwing G. Ray J is reciting playa lines in a corny way. like he has a ear piece with a real man telling him what to say "say: yeah ma, for real". Ray J = suspect

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

Gurl get out my head. This is the subject of a blog post to come soon. I'm addicted to ALL 'em tacky shows. I know my brain cells r dying a not so slow death but Iont care.

ODARA said...

@eyesqueen...lmao!!! I've always referred to him as

however I'm addicted to the show as's hilarious & the jokes write

GOODENess said...

ok I have NEVER seen this train wreck, but reading the comments, I feel as though I have..cable is a terrible drug...and BTW, I third Ray-J's gay-osity! the pic of him attempting to look straight and sexy at the same time made me sniggle as I threw up in my mouth a little...guh-rose!