Sorry y'all, I have been MIA. A few reasons why:

  • See title of blog. Remember this commercial? (see picture below) Only thing, my brain is not on drugs. My brain apparently needs structure. All of this "un-structure" has affected my focus, or lack therof I should say. I think they call it Adult ADD, I suppose...
  • The times I have been able to manage to get my focus on, I have been pouring all of that energy in some poetic endeavors/projects I have going on right now, as well as helping my mother with her side business.
  • I feel out of the loop, I have been ripped out of a 5 year routine. As much as I hated that place, it was part of my life and it takes time adjusting.

Things I realize:
  • I need to put myself on a schedule
  • I need to get out more and interact with the outside world to get inspiration.
  • I need to get my blogging life together so Tiha doesn't quit me.

I'll be back later with another post, but I just had to check in and let you guys know what's going on....

Miss ya,
~Naturally Alise~

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Lex Boogie said...

I understand totally. I was just saying the same thing about myself in a blog not to long ago. It seems like everything , is like right now, right now and we as women try to fix it "Right Now" and there is only so many "RIGHT NOW"s we can fix right?