Just to quickly piggyback Tiha's post yesterday. I totally understand Tiha's survivor guilt, because I feel similar emotions. I actually do feel a sadness for the folks left behind, because I know bullshit they have to deal with. I, though am in a situation that my unemployment is not going to affect my lifestyle, Alise is gonna be just fine, so please none of y'all worry. I feel bad for those whose world this destroys; folks with families, mortgages, car notes, etc.... So i feel guilty for being alright... Does that make sense? .... it hurts on all sides.

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ODARA said...

I understand where you're coming from Alise...I've been on both sides of the fence before...been layed off & even *whispers* fired before...lol

and I think the funny thing is that during those times I've NEVER been without...even under those circumstances I was STILL managing stability.(thx to the ppl in my life)

During that time I don't think I ever felt guilty but I was more compassionate to those who were suffering b/c of it.