If I were the Boss...

The recent economy crisis has prompted many of us to think about how we would do things different if we were running our own companies. I’m going to take it one step farther by opening this up to everyone in the blogosphere. I’m going to pick a business and open the forum up for suggestions.

Back in the day, during the times of when A Raisin in the Sun was written, it seemed pretty popular to own a laundry business. So I’m going to update that dream and say for today:

How would you run your Coffee Shop?

*The Rock - A Unique Events Venue & Coffee Shop in Papillion/Omaha, Nebraska

Alise and I have been kicking around this idea for awhile and have come up with some cool things. If I had a coffee shop it would probably be called The L___ M___ (my paranoia just kicked in).

-I’d want specialty coffee blends being created by the staff, so they feel like they are contributing to the business.
-I’d have a make shift stage for spoken word nights.
-I’d have a shelf or 2 of used books, staff favorite picks for people to peruse and buy.
-AND I’d have a listening station for music so people can hear local artists and bands and buy their music (I actually saw this in one of the most wonderful coffee shops here in the A called Urban Grind).
-And of course art work will be for sale on the walls done by local artists.
-And free wi-fi.
-I’d staff my shop with only those that I needed, maybe with college students who I would expect to rotate over the course of the semester.

And best of all NO LAYOFFS because a sista would be swift with the bomb budget.

So I ask again: How would you run your Coffee Shop?

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ladebelle said...

smh... this was the wrong (or right) thing for me to read today... as i'm hating on my job, i have a lot of requirements... i don't know how applicable they would be to a coffee shop, buuuuuut we'll rock with it anyway!

1. no dumb ppl... and no dumb ppl posing as smart ones.

2. no idiots

3. smart ppl only

4. i think there's a trend developing here.

5. it would be a coffee shop by day and a lounge by nite

6. we would serve varieties of coffee's, tea's, and nifty little finger foods (not just sweets)

7. this is all i can think of right now... i'm jaded...lol

Assertive Wit said...

Believe it or not, thinking of a business and actually implementing your plan during this effed up economy is a good idea...even though banks are being stingy as hell with that bail out money, they risk losing it if they don't start rationing it out so you stand to benefit directly from that alone...sounds like you got a good plan and if all else fails, you can look for private investors (read: people with shitloads of money looking to invest in something a little more substantial then our declining stockmarket).

I'm working along with 3 of my guy friends at the moment on something that will truly change the face of business so I can directly sympathize with any doubts you might have but just keep moving forward. Keep the naysayers at bay and stick to your goal/plan...you should do just fine. Folks LOVE coffee!

As for running a business, I'd run it EXACTLY how I'd want someone to manage me. Create an environment people love to come to whether it's to work or whether they are a consumer. Leave micro managing for those with over inflated egos and wear a smile everyday! You'll be fine....oh, and use emotion only when taking others into consideration; use a sound/logical frame of mind when dealing with matters to keep your business afloat and morale at it's best. You want quality employees but you gotta be a quality employer first :)

eysqueen said...

@lad, smart people are very VERY important to running any professional business. we already can see what happens when idiots are running things...

@assertive, girl yes gotta create an enviroment that supports the staff, who intern are really nice to the customers/clients.

thanks for the responses!

NaturallyAlise said...

this is what I'd add: I would have an artist's room, with easels and sketchbooks, supplies, and a mural in progress, something funky like that...

see this is why I need to win the lottery or marry rich, so I can have something like that be forever open without worrying about profit, ok or maybe i just need to get my shit together, lol...