Fun facts about the Natural one and the Eys (ice). Ying and Yang. Naturally Alise is a nice person. She is usually ready with a smile and comforting word (in public anyway). Eysqueen is not a nice person. She has zero tolerance for bs and is kinda blunt with hers (currently competing with PBG (author of Hey You Asked & SWHHW ) for the evilest blogger on this side of the net award, but is slipping daily. Hopefully this blog will bring her back up.).

With this said, I’m about to tear a whole into some bs that passed my screen the other day. I can’t stand manipulative people. These are people who don’t have the social grace or cajonas to say and do what they really want so they have to use people. They use people to express how they really feel. They use people to do the things they wish they could do. Someone has been manipulated on the outskirts of our world, the manipulated victim thusly tried to throw salt in our universe. It was all pretty transparent to me. So all I have to say is don’t let yourself be open to manipulation.

If someone who you ain’t cool with offers you a present, you are being manipulated.
If someone passes on to you information that no good can come of, that you can’t do anything about and has all around f*cked up your day, you have been manipulated.
If you find yourself with a birdie that is constantly squawking in your ear and you don’t know where the hell it came from and why it won’t shut up, you are being manipulated.

Now, evil Eys wanted to make a lesson out of said manipulated victim as a warning to the main manipulator, but nice Alise doesn’t subscribe to that kind of debauchery, and because she is my friend and I have to live with her on this blog, I’ll oblige.

I will say this, I’m not one to back down from confrontation, if the issue is about me. If it isn’t about me, I could care the f*ck less, so don’t bring it to me. I still might catch a case just because you are being stupid though. In other words don’t bring nonsense to me. If your beef is legit, meet me outside…

And don’t bring nonsense to my peeps, we ride or die and I’m always ready to ride…

Have a happy Friday ya’ll!

*Alise adds just for good measure, since it is "The Wire" Friday, picture this as Alise & Tiha instead of Bunk & Omar (yeah Tiha is crazy like Omar, lol)*

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The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Iono...seems like Bunk was the most gangsta-est n*gga in that there scene.

Anyways, I'm with The Eysqueen on this one. Don't bring no mess to me if you aren't ready to deal w/the consequences of bringing said mess. Hell yes, I shoot messengers. They're in the game too. It'd behoove them to stay away from 'round me w/that foolishness. I wasn't born last night, so I know when somebody is tryna work me cuz more than likely, I just got off a job.