If I were the Boss III

Today’s dream job is a Record Company! Yay!

I personally have no idea what goes into having a record label, however I know what I see and I know what I like and don’t like. So this post is extremely biased :)

How would you run your record company/label? This includes being a music producer, executive and maybe even artist.

Would you run it like Clive Davis runs his many labels including Arista and Sony BMG? Would you find a formula and work that thing for 3 decades producing juggernaut artist hits year after year? Would you compromise the integrity of your artist for the money? What I mean by that is yes Clive made Whitney and Alicia, but he also tried to break people like Phyllis Hyman. I guess being as deep as a puddle packs more punch…

Would you run your company like Sean Puffy Combs runs Bad Boy? Would you put all your energy into promoting groups that have a gimmick, that might be hot for a month rather than showing equal amounts of support for your solid artists that have been selling for years? ie 112, Faith, Total, Lox, Craig Mac, Carl Thomas…dang what happened to those groups? (Cue Puffy is the Devil video please). Would it be more important that YOU get more air time than your artists, even though you are a far better producer than performer? Would you be wise enough to know your strengths?

Would you run your company like Steve McKeever runs Hidden Beach? An independent label that is in it for the artist and the music. A label that stays true to the artist and believes in integrity? Hidden Beach promotes artists like Jill Scott, Kindred, Lina, they just signed Darius Rucker and even have Dr. Cornel West on wax. Yes I heart Hidden Beach and I know that who ever pops up outta them next will be real good.

How many of you think that Kanye West would be better suited BEHIND the scenes, back as a mega producer and label executive? We all know that boy is a phenom producer, we question his performer power, well at least I do, but I would like to see him get back behind the scenes and do more for other people. I really do heart Kanye West as an artist/producer, nothing but respect for his talent. I just lament his ego.

So how would you run your record company?

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The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I'd probably be like the dude @ Hidden Beach. I respect the art waaay too much to do it any other way.

Puffy can go straight to hell and if Clive Davis went the wrong way w/the (real) Diva we know as Phyllis Hyman, then God bless his soul.

Subversive said...

you can't completely discredit Clive Davis & Sean Combs...they are partially responsible for some of the music we love that has become a part of our lives.

Idealistically, just as much emphasis & attention should be placed on the artistic/creative/INTEGRITY side as the commerce & politics.

abrowngirlgonegay said...

Puffy has groups? It's like they all disappear after the first album or when the show isn't airing...