Viva la Part-Time

My life as an hourly wage warrior (part time of course) is not too bad. In Cube World I did contribute significant portion of brain power that made my company better, they were the slumlords of my intellectual property. Maybe I should have called Housing Department or something *shrugging shoulders*, hindsight 20/20 I suppose. The thing I like about my part time Hourly Wage Warrior job is they don't need my creativity or suggestions. Everything is done a certain way, is organized, and not much wiggle room for innovation in any of the processes. I know you think that this would make me crazy or is not ideal to my life. But y'all don't know me like that! To the contrary, it lets me save it all for my own projects. I can use my powers for good and be selfish with it. So Viva Nepal la Part Time! Seriously, I have been doing so much writing for side projects that it is boggling my own mind, and I like to feel "mind boggled"* sometimes, lol..... Back to the lab, I'll check in later!

* I live for trash reality TV, and on "For the Love of Ray J", Ray J said he hates to be "mind boggled", everyone in my e-web of silliness(including my e-pal Odara), thought this was hilarious!

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ODARA said...

hahaha!!! reality tv is gonna lead to the death of us all!

thx 4 the shout chica :o)