Will the real supervisor please stand up?

For those of us who have ever worked under someone else (also known as making cream for another man’s dream), we are pretty familiar with management styles.

Some managers/supervisors micromanage,
some of them are totally hands off to the point when you forget they even
work there,
some of them are schizophrenic- sometimes they micromanage, sometimes they
don’t, hmmm.

Some of them don’t have a clue as to what you or your coworkers do, BUT can delegate and organize their butts off.
Some don’t have a clue and it sabotages everyone’s work efforts.
Some of them are experts in their field and you actually respect them.

I’m here today to talk about those manager/supervisors who linger somewhere in the middle of all that I just described above. You know the ones that you can’t figure out their motive, their agenda, or their purpose. All you know is that you are miserable and every morning you drag your ass out of bed to deal with the unknown. I’ve had a few like this, and the common denominator is, of course, me. I’ve had people say that maybe they are intimidated by me, and they just don’t know how to handle me so they spaz at the mere whiff of my bath and body works. I’ve had people say that the incompetent assume that everyone else is just as incompetent as they are, therefore I get treated like crap just cuz. I’ve ascertained that my round (and increasingly growing more round) peg ass just wasn’t meant to fit into their tiny square peg positions. ok ok yes we know, the cubicle crusaders weren’t meant for the cube. Yes we devoted this whole blog to our escape from the cube. And one of us has made it out (yay). But one of us is still here. And I think it would be unfair to shield the public from my daily adventures in cube land. So I continue my grievances.

I’ve concluded that on top of working diligently to get out of the cube, while I’m here I need to maintain. I’m starting to think that I need to be the supervisor and that I need to be running things around here. I mean, sitting around waiting to be lead hasn’t really worked out for me, if anything its worked against me. I figured if I just kept my head low and stayed under the radar I would be ok. Yeah it worked for all of one minute, and in this time of layoffs and such, being invisible aint what you want to be. Truth be told I have been knocked upside my head for stepping it up in the past. Which precipitated my backing down and keeping quiet, but not anymore. Its rough out here and I hate to take on the mentality of every sucka out for themselves, but danngit I just gotta do it. Time for me to step it up and lead!

I’ll keep you posted…..
and stay tuned for my work ethics (a deeper look into how I would run a business) blog coming later this week!

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