"The Wire" Fridays: Trouble in Paradise?

Will Tiha & Alise end up like Stringer & Avon????*

No trouble in paradise..... Tiha had a minor accident and is out of commission for a little bit and I have been uber busy with work and other projects, so we haven't posted since Tuesday. So don't think we fell apart like Stringer Bell and Avon Barksdale. In fact, Ms. Tiha was over supporting me over at my personal blog for the kick off of my weekly blog poetry slam, posting new material to her blog, and helping me coordinate something huge for this blog that I will be taking care of this weekend in D.C. (Can't wait to unveil it!!!) So the Cubicle Crusaders are trying to do doing big things. Have a happy Cube Sabbath (Friday), and I'll see you guys when I get back from D.C.!!!!

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