Packing it up

Reaching up on the shelf, the one right near my easy chair, I grab a bottle, then look at the one next to it and grab that one too. I look at all of the bottles on the shelf, yes they all have to go too. I place the bottles in a box, wrap them in newspaper. I close the box and label it “TOXIC”. I called the biohazard people the other day and they’ll be around to pick it up tomorrow.

As black people in America, we’ve (yes I’m speaking for a bunch of us) had a whole lot of reasons for why we’ve been unable to achieve. We’ve had a lot of excuses too. We’ve had bitterness, we’ve had apprehension, we’ve been discouraged, oppressed, repressed, mis-educated, frustrated, castrated, alienated, and slept on.

Well today is a new day, and to paraphrase a famous comedian; what are we going to do now that we are the man? What can you do? What excuse do we have left? None really, if we ever really did. So its time people, time to pack up them bottles of excuses as to why we cant achieve and send it to the toxic waste site.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the reasons that have been out of our control that keep us back, RACISM is real. This is understood, like a geometric equation, it’s a given. So I aint talking about those.

I’m talking about the penny anny excuses some of us give as to why we cant achieve, life is hard, but it is doable, like a $2 hoe.

Pack up those self impeding excuses, and try to work out solutions for the reasons, and BE THE CHANGE.

this has been a public service announcement from your inspirational moody gremlin, stay tuned for tomorrow’s edition: unpacking the goodies, tapping into the positive resource well to help rebuild and be the change. we getting our hands dirty now.

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