We Still Here

*limping to the podium

"You can't keep a good blogger down" says the temporarily crippled blogger from her laptop. 

crippled blogger: My partner is off experiencing history from the front lines, while I'm here experiencing history from my couch because I busted my a-- unceremoniously and sprained my ankle.  My partner has cryptically reported back from the front lines that she is going to have quite a story to tell when she gets back.  Let us all keep her in our prayers as she safely makes her way back to Carolina.

bowing heads

crippled, but healing blogger:  I cannot put into words how I felt watching the Inaug from my soft couch and warm apt today.  I refuse to sound cliche...so I'll just say I was inspired.  Inspired overall for the country and the state of things, but also inspired for myself.  It is no secret the kind of opposition President Obama faced on his way to his dream job, but he didn't let that stop him.  And you know what?  Nothing is going to stop me as well.  I have no excuse, I'm raising my personal standards bar back up to excellence.  The prez, and the lady that I pay to give me advice, have me convinced that the only person holding me back is me!  So here's to another inspirational blog.  I can't wait for my partner in the field to come back and report on what she saw.

yeah Prez!!!!!!!!